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Be A Successful Blogger

Be A

The Complete 
Beginners Guide on 
How to Start a Blog, 
Earn Passive Income, 
and Make Money by
Work At Home 

- The best Blogging platform that will help you scale your Business
- The #1 thing you HAVE to do before you start writing your Blog (and no it’s not just the title!)
-  Step By Step Blog Checklist to guide you through every step to kick off your Blog
- Important design tips for your Blog from a real Blog Designer
  - Where to find resources for your articles so they are honest and reliable.
- The   secrets to driving traffic to your Blog.. so you can start making money.
- The TOP  $$$ MAKING STRATEGIES for your Blog that don’t require you to work for ANYONE but yourself.
- The   vital questions you need to ask yourself before you decide to quit your job and become a full-time Blogger.
- The   biggest mistakes Bloggers make, and how to solve them.
- and even more Success Strategies after you have mastered Blogging…

Be A

Table of Contents

Key to be A Successful Blogger with Practicle Examples

Key to be A Successful Blogger

Tips for Becoming a Successful Blogger

How to be a Successful Blogger on BlogSpot

How to Become a Successful Blogger and Make Money

Successful Bloggers Stories

Successful Blog Topics

How to Start a Good Blog

Successful Bloggers in India, Asia, World Wide

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1. Smart Goal Setting  to Be A Successful Blogger
2. Work Smarter, Faster and Better  As   A Successful Blogger
3. The Secret to Be A Successful Blogger
4. Lessons from  A Successful Blogger
5. SPEED : Its time move on from "what now " 
6. Creating a Balance between Work and Life 
7. Stories Of Great Inspirational  Successful Blogger
8. Crazy Thoughts are not always Crazy for Successful Blogger
9. Hidden sources of Income in   Blogging
10. Earn Your Salary From your Clients Not From your own Company
11. Turnkey Projects
12. How to make online presence through Social  networking
13. Successful Blogger Marketing Strategies
14. RELEVANCE : Putting First on First
15. How to Be A Successful Blogger and make money 
16. The Power Of Positive Thinking for Successful Blogger
17. Mistakes made by CEO and Managers in an Organization
18. Keywords
19. Successful Bloggers in India, Asia, World Wide
20. Small is not Always Small Size does Matter
21. Think Out of the Box As Successful Bloggers
22. Love Can Make You or Break You
23. Smart Gadgets for Successful Bloggers
24. Synopsis

Part I Foundation.
Chapter 1 Clarify Your Goals.
· What Is SEO?
· Do I Need to Perform SEO for My Blog?
· What Are the Overall Goals of My Business?
· What Function Does My Blog Serve?
· How Is My Blog Connecting with the Goals of My Business?
· Who Do I Want to Visit My Blog?
· What Do I Want Visitors to Do on My Blog?
· Which Pages Do I Most Want My Blog Visitors to See?
· How Will I Measure the Success of This SEO Campaign?
Chapter 2 Customize Your Approach.
· It's Your SEO Plan.
· Business-to-Business.
· Business-to-Consumer.
· Large Organization.
· Small Organization.
· Really Small Organization.
· Brick-and-Mortar.
· Blog.
· Robots Deliver.
· Search Results Are Blended.
· Algorithms Change.
· Humans Are Smart--Computers Aren't.
· Text Matters.
· It's Not Just about Rank.
· Search Engines Don't Like Tricks.
· SEO Is Not Brain Surgery.
Chapter 4 How the Search Engines Work Right Now.
· In Pursuit of Right Now.
· Google Basics.
· Bing Basics.
· Yahoo! Basics.
· Organic Web Search Ranking Factors.
· Blended Search Ranking Factors.
· Paid Placement.
· Social and Mobile Web.
· SEO Trend Spotting.
Part II Strategy.
Chapter 5 Get Your Team on Board.
· The Challenge of SEO Team Building.
· Marketing, Sales and Public Relations.
· IT, Webmasters and Programmers.
· Graphic Designers.
· Writers and Editors.
· Executives and Product Managers.
Chapter 6 Your One-Month Prep: Keywords, Priorities and Goals.
· Your SEO Idea Bank.
· Week 1: Keywords.
· Week 2: Baseline Assessment.
· Week 3: Competition.
· Week 4: Analytics and Goals.
Part III Your SEO Plan.
Chapter 7 Month One: Kick It into Gear.
· Week 1: Basic Site Optimization.
· Week 2: Site Structure Improvements.
· Week 3: Link Building.
· Week 4: Building Content for Links and Engagement.
Chapter 8 Month Two: Establish the Habit.
· Week 5: Social Media Marketing.
· Week 6: Set Up Your Paid Search Account.
· Week 7: Selling Through Search.
· Week 8: Local Search.
Chapter 9 Month Three: It's a Way of Life.
· Week 9: Special Opportunities: Video, Mobile and More.
· Week 10: Research and Development.
· Week 11: What's Your Problem?
· Week 12: SEO Status Report.
· Moving On: Forging Your Own SEO Path.
Chapter 10 Extra Credit and Guilt-Free Slacking.
· The Slacking Spectrum.
· The Extra Credit Continuum.
· Extra Credit Tasks.

1. Beginning the Story - Blogging then and Now
2. Installing and Setting Up Your First Blog
3. Creating Content for Your Blog
4. Building a Community around Your Blog
5. Creating a Personal Blog with
6. Creating a Business Blog
7. Creating a Blog Website
8. Creating a  Artist’s Portfolio Blog
9. Blogging with  Pros
10. Creating a Multimedia Blog
11. Making Money through Your Blog


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#How to start a Blog and make money

Successful Blogger
How to be a Successful Blogger on instagram

How to become a Successful Blogger and make money

Successful Bloggers

Successful Blog topics

How to start a Blog

Successful Bloggers in india

How to start a Blog and make money

How to Start a Blog and Make Money

Lots of people try to Earn Money Blogging
but very few get Success.
One of the best ways of earning online is Blogging. Blogging is one of the best career opportunity these days. Blogging needs lots of Smart Work NOT hard Work, Research and Long Working Hours.
Best Tips for Becoming a Successful Blogger
#Pilot s,
Digital Marketing Executive



How to create a website, write about a topic you love, develop a loyal readership, and make six figures doing it. In association with makemoneyfromhomelionsclub.comNO PRIOR EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. ALL INSTRUCTIONS ARE FULLY DETAILED AND STEP-BY-STEP SO ANYONE CAN FOLLOW THEM EASILY.Blogs have the potential to be unbelievably powerful. Never in the history of mankind has such a valuable, simple, and inexpensive tool existed for exploring topics, sharing ideas, connecting with others, and building Businesses.I never dreamed that Blogging would lead to more personal and Business opportunities, financial success, and clarity of mind and purpose than anything else in my life...but it has. Blogging, combined with the power of social media, is one of the most powerful tools for massive exposure that exists today...and it's virtually free. Let me put it this way: Everyone needs to have a Blog. The potential upside of having one is just too great to ignore. Not only will a Blog offer you opportunities in all kinds of unexpected and immeasurable ways, the writing will force you to organize your thoughts and analyze topics in ways that wouldn't be possible otherwise. In other words: The benefits that come from Blogging will surprise you...over and over again. In this ebook I'm going to teach you how to create a professional Blog, as well as how to strategically pick your Blog topics and write your Blog posts (based on keyword research). I'm also going to teach you how to best monetize your Blog, promotional strategies that will drive traffic to your Blog, and how to create a growing and loyal readership. I also include links within the ebook to supporting video lessons for extra clarity. What's great about what I teach you is not only the income level you will accomplish if you follow through creating your Blog, but all that you will learn in the process. The skills you learn in this ebook will enable you to build all kinds of online Businesses and open the door for all kinds of entrepreneurial projects you may have.

Not only that, you will be able to evaluate Business ideas much more intelligently once you've gone through this whole process. This is because you will understand the fundamentals of keyword research & analysis, traffic & lead generation, social & affiliate marketing, monetization & conversion testing, and traffic analysis.

These skills will help you immensely in ANY Business you ever decide to start (online or not, passive or not).So why wait? Start your Blog today! After all, the longer you wait to start, the more money that is being left on the table.


He is a big fan of Entrepreneurship and primarily interested in helping others create small Businesses (that can eventually grow into large Businesses!).

He has been self employed for over Eight years and has done Business consulting on the side for several Business start-ups.

His best advice for aspiring entrepreneurs: "Always be working on side projects outside of your regular job until the day you can quit, always make sure you are progressing, and if you haven't done so already, START NOW!"

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To learn how to make a professional Blog in under 15 minutes through Blog tutorials (without the need for coding), be sure to visit his  course here:

You will be shown the entire creation of   from beginning to end in under one hour total.

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