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A Study on impact of E- Recruitment in HRM Effectiveness of Aircrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd Indore

Internship Report
A Study on impact of E- Recruitment in HRM Effectiveness
Aircrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd

Prepared By,
Divya Namdev
Roll no.: 17BBA10028
VIT Business School, Bhopal


The successful accomplishment of this project work is the outcome of the contribution of number of people, especially those who have given the time and effort to share their thoughts and suggestion to improve the research report. At the very beginning I would express my deepest gratitude to  Capt. Shekhar sir for giving me the strength and the composure to finish the task within the scheduled time.
I would like to express my appreciation to my internal supervisor, Dr. Ashish Tripathi and VIT University for providing me all the guidance and support that I needed mostly.
This was really a good way of learning and I really appreciate his efforts towards giving me proper line direction.

I would like to thank  Capt. Shekhar, CEO and Co- founder of Aircrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd and HR Manager Shakshi ma’am . The Aircrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd for rendering their valuable time and providing me with information that was very much needed in order to successful completion of this report.

                               ABOUT COMPANY

AirCrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd., the only startup in the Aviation sector, covers diverse domains of aeronautics like Air Charters, Pilot Training, and Aviation HR Services. There are services like Aviation Apps, Aviation Books, Aviation Blogs, Aviation Lead Generation, Aviation Link Building, Aviation Expo, Aviation B2B, Aviation B2C, Aviation SEO/SMM, and Aviation Management Internships for IIT, IIM and other reputed institutes students only.
There are various categories of clients which AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd serves such as Air Charters to Tycoons, Pilot Training to buddy Pilots, Aviation HR Services to AME, Cabin Crew and Pilots, Aviation Blogs to AME, Aviation Lead Generation to Pilot Training Academy, Aviation Link Building to AME, and Management Internships for IIT and IIM students only.
For creating a skilled workforce, the organization provides regular workshops and trainings; a paramount support is rendered to the team. A formidable team has been created to provide valuable services.
AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd has a tremendous faith on Research and Development department for ensuring a continuous growth, and delivery of flawless services.
“To soar, one needs to dream big, and live with it to turn into reality”, remarks the creator of this reputed organization.
Working relentlessly day and night, it conquers autonomy in the aerial sector, and emerged as an astounding venture for the upcoming flying aspirants.
 An exemplary Pilot with Extraordinary Talents

“An entrepreneur or a creator needs to be highly skilled then only he can lead and empower.” says Shekhar, with a smile.
Capt Shekhar, the CEO of AirCrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd, is a Professional Pilot. He possesses an experience of more than 8 years in Flying 14 various types of Aircrafts in 15 countries. Amazingly, he made an Accident-Free Flying Record in the history of aeronautics with a superlative talent.
Shekhar commenced his flying career from Sky Cabs in Colombo, and worked immensely hard for many Airlines Training Companies across various parts of the World. He has intensively trained more than 350 Pilots who are flying with impeccable expertise across the globe.
He is an active member of varied organizations which are related to an Aviation department such as Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association in the United States of America, Royal Society of Aeronautics in UK, Delhi Flying Club- an Aeronautical Society of India, MP Flying Club in Bhopal and Indore- an Aeronautical Research Society.
He is a Frequent Flyer on American Airlines, Air India, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Delta Airlines, Emirates Etihad, Jet Airways, and list goes on. Shekhar is an integral member of which was set up by Government of Canada and Air Transport Association of Canada.
Shekhar is quite a passionate and creative soul who wants to triumph multiple spheres of Aviation. His recent passion is Aviation SEO & Blogs for which he takes intensive classes for IIT & IIM students in India, and others in abroad. A proposed website which is has been designed to provide Virtual Air Charter Services.
Adding to his literary interests, he has written numerous books on Aviation and Management such as P – Productivity S – Speed R – Relevancy, Be an Aviator Not a Pilot, Pilot’s Career Guide, Cabin Crew Career Guide which are available on Amazon and Smash World.
The stupendous flyer is inspired by Capt. Gopinath, Co-Founder of Air Deccan. He learnt that to be successful in life, we must be an observant, proactive, and willing to do more, think more, and have a more holistic perspective, and go beyond the call of duty.
Contribution towards Society with a noble vision

The tycoon is quite aware of multiple indispensable issues which are prevailing in India, and across the globe. One of them is deforestation which is the potent source of environmental crisis. To bring a balance, AirCrews Aviation has embarked a project called AlfaGreen which is the CSR Project to promote In House Plantation. They possess a small farm land ‘Alfa Agro Tech Research Center’ which is situated at Gram Gunawad, District Dhar, in Madhya Pradesh to promote Organic Agriculture.
Working towards the noble cause, the company is rendering a great help to the society, and environment.They are also associated and connected with Robin Hood Army to excel and grow.
Incredible Achievements of AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd

Footprints of excellence, the organization is leaving in the Aviation industry are splendid. In addition to it, AirCrews Aviation is the Co-Founder of multiple startups such as,, ,,,,,,, and
To be the co-founder of multiple startups is in itself the greatest achievement. For future, the company has an interesting project which is, deals with Virtual Air Charter Services.
Capt Shekhar wants to wrap his story of struggle in a book which is going to be released soon. Pages of his masterpiece will contain the challenges, achievements, and everything he has lived up to.
The legend behind the company says “Life is full of adversities, but the warrior is who stands courageously, and faces them fearlessly.”
With his constant believe in efforts and right vision, he is exceling, and breaking the number of records in the flying industry.
Words of Wisdom to the Readers of Business Connect
Readers flip the pages of Business Connect for acquiring an indispensable knowledge of the business world. They want to engross themselves into the pages of a renowned magazine. So, Shekhar has golden words of wisdom for our young readers. He says,” To be successful in life you must be an observant, proactive, and willing to do more, think more, have a more holistic perspective, and go beyond the call of Duty.”
Shekhar has  a group of so many Tech Savvy Young Engineers and MBA Working from Home as Career Counselor in different cities. 


The Impact of E- Recuitment in HRM Effectiveness

Now a day the traditional recruitment method has been revolutionized by the wave of internet. E- Recruitment is the latest trend and it has been adopted by large and small sized organization. Significance of internet can be seen as searching for best suitable job is just a click away. Even most organization are already using and my internship company also using E-recruitment to post jobs and accept resumes on the internet and correspond with the applicants by e-mail. E-recruitment or online recruitment is the internet, and correspond with the applicants by e- mail. E- recruitment or online recruitment is the process of recruiting personal with the use of technology and web based resources. The practice of E-recruitment has made the process more efficient and effective. In this paper, there will be an introduction on E-Recruitment. This paper aims to explore the effectiveness of E-Recruitment in organization.
E-Recruitment, internet, online recruitment, organization
Employees are the most important resource of any organization. They are responsible for each and every decision taken, each and every work done and each and every result. Such a kind of employee are been taken carefully by the managers for the success of future organization. But advancement of technologies made much easier for the global HR managers not only to believe on agencies but also they believe on Internet. Holding a tablet or laptop on the hand with internet connection managers can do all activities while they are in roaming too. Today acquiring and retaining the employees is the biggest challenge and internet has proved to be a boon to recruitment process. E-recruitment is a process or recruiting candidates for filling vacant positions in the companies through use of internet. Recruitment plays very vital role in the process of recruitment as it provides a suitable number of applicants who fulfilled the criteria set by the companies.
E-Recruitment started in the form of autonomous job sites called bulletin board systems in the 1980s. A new global trend was started in US when Jeff Taylor launched with 20 clients and 200 job openings in 19994. Today more than three-fourth of the Fortune 500 companies use online recruiting and also now people use mobile application for uploading resumes and searching jobs on portals. E-Recruitment has proved to be a very convenient mode for both company and the job seekers as both can upload the necessary details required and can find a suitable opportunity there.
 E-Recruitment can be understood as recruitment carried out by the use of various electronic means. Online, Internet, or web-based recruiting can be defined as the use of the Internet to identify and attract potential employees e.g. advertising a vacant position and attracting a pool of applicants through corporate websites and Internet job boards. An e-Recruitment system is a back-office system for administrating the recruitment process, and is normally designed to allow applicants to submit their data electronically. E-Recruitment can thus be perceived as an umbrella term covering recruitment activities performed using various electronic means and the Internet, including online recruitment and E-Recruitment systems. E-Recruitment can be divided into two types of uses: Corporate web site for recruitment and commercial jobs boards for posting job advertisements. Corporate websites are a company’s own website a link for job posting/career options where candidates can log into for current openings. If the company advertises its vacant positions on other website that specialize in recruitment such as-,, monster. Com, etc., the companies would be adopting commercial job boards for recruitment.
The fundamentals of E-Recruitment are as follows:
Tracking: Helpful in tracking the status of candidate with respect to the jobs applied by him/her.
Employer’s Website: Provides details of job opportunities and data collection for same.
Job Portals: Like CareerAge, Indeed, Monster, Naukri, Timesjobs, etc. these carry job advertisements from employers and agencies.
Online Testing: Evaluation of candidates over internet based on various job profiles to judge them on various factors.
Social Networking: Sites like Google +, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. helps in building strong networking and finding career opportunities.
·    To study the efficiency and performance of E-Recruitment process in the organization                   
·    To find out how the E-Recruitment process have an impact on organization.
·    To outline the criteria for effective E-Recruitment.
The primary focus of this study is to determine the effectiveness of E- Recruitment program and its impact in the organization. This study is based on secondary data which is collected through , internet and research papers.

Effective management development of human resources has long been acknowledged by both scholars and practitioners as being a key component to the overall success of the business. Recruitment is just one element of human resource management and development; however it is of significant importance to this success as it is the method used to acquire the human capital for the organization. Recruitment and selection is necessary human resource processes initiated by organization where the constant balancing and is to find and retain quality staff that meet the needs of the position and the company whilst minimizing expenditure in the process of hiring manpower.
The majority researchers agree that recruitment is not a one-way process, but rather a complex, two-way process. Whilst employers focus on looking attractive to a potential job applicant, the applicant is continues from the initial recruitment process through to the final appointment outcome.
Ms. D Shahila (2013) published an article which helps in explaining E-Recruitment challenges covering challenges that are faced by companies while using online recruitment. This article highlights the points like online recruitment is facing challenges from employers and job seekers point of view and covers points like difficulty in finding suitable applicant, competition with competitors for good candidates, negotiation, transparency of system, difficulty in judging companies working culture.
Avinash s. kapse (2012) published an article about E-Recruitment which stated that online recruitment has many advantages to companies like low cost, less time, quick, wider area, better match and along with this they have highlighted some points of disadvantages of online recruitment like scrutinizing applications is a problem, lack of internet awareness in India in some places and they said that employers want to have face to face interaction with candidates.
Arundhati Ghosh writes about E-Recruitment: The recent trend of recruitment practices and highlights about the recent trend of online recruitment practices and also we can get ideas about how online recruitment can be beneficial for the organizations. This article highlighted benefits of recruitment like cost efficiency, time saving, better scope and wider area of choice, standard way to find a candidate, less use of paper and along with this some of the drawbacks has also been discussed like computer technology, enormous applicants and choice is complex and also candidates are not serious. This article concludes that E-Recruitment should supplement the traditional methods of recruitment. Combining E-Recruitment with traditional methods will make recruitment process faster.
Archana L discussed about recruitment through social media area. As online recruitment includes use of social networking for recruitments in companies this articles gives us fact about how use of social networking sites has increased rapidly for staffing purpose in companies. It shows that sites like face book, LinkedIn, twitter, Google are contributing increasingly in recruitment as these sites and 36-505 of the users are college graduates who are best to contact for job opportunities. Social networking is also playing major role in recruitment these days.
Smith (1999) had worked upon E-recruitment where he had tried to conceptualize that internet helps employer’s better target prospective employees. The author mentioned that the career web, which small companies may consider expensive, could still be less costly than multiple newspaper ads.
Chapman and Webster (2003) in their survey research on the use of technologies in recruiting, screening and selection process for job candidates conducted in USA found that most organizations implemented technology based recruitment and selection tools to improve efficiency, enable new assessment tools, reduce costs, standardize systems and expand the applicant pool.
Hadass (2004) in his research on the effect of internet recruiting on the matching of workers and HR managers developed a model of recruitment in which job seekers have private information about their qualification for different jobs and firms possess imperfect screening technologies. He concluded that firms may adopt E-Recruitment strategies because of the direct reduction in recruiting costs and because of competition among HR managers for qualified hires.
A research on Internet job search and unemployment durations by Kuhn and Skuterud (2004) had tried to find out which types of unemployed workers looked for work online and whether internet searchers became reemployed more quickly. The authors concluded that internet job search is more common among workers with observed characteristics that are usually associated with faster reemployment and internet job search does speed reemployed. The authors pointed out that, internet job search might significantly improve search outcomes on dimensions such as job quality that they had not measured in their research.

•           Quick and easy access to information.
•           Post vacancies automatically onto your own branded website and external job boards.
•           Reduce hiring delays-fill vacancies rapidly.
•           Reduce recruiting administration by as much as 50%- this means more time available for              
            other HR initiatives.
•           Easily identify candidates who have applied previously.
•           Increase brand awareness by attracting candidates to your website.
•           Reduced cost, compared to print advertising.
•           Less or no manual intervention.
•           Wide range of job opportunities.
•           Flexibility of internet as an attractive source.
•           Utility in attracting high quality people who are not actively searching for job, also
            known as passive job seekers.
•           It provides verified and technically good candidates.
•           For organizations, it provides an opportunity for jobs to be advertised in global, local or
            niche markets.
The utilization of E-Recruitment as part of the recruitment process has been linked to a number of perceived advantages from both an applicant and an organizational view point that are not as applicable to the more traditional recruitment source

•           Organizations can’t solely depend on E- Recruitment.
•           A large applicant pool can have a negative impact of increasing costs in administering
            recruitment systems.
•           In India, employers and employees still prefer a face to face interaction rather than
            sending E-mails.
•           People who are from minority groups or geographically dispersed may not use this
            medium to source jobs vacant.
•           Screening and checking skill mapping & authenticity of millions of resumes is a problem
            & time consuming.
•           Companies cannot reach job seekers who are not on the web.
•           Lot of resumes online are overstating qualifications, while others may not express the real
            value of a candidate. Thus, on one hand the company may waste time to meet a poor
            candidate but not give an interview to a good


Abundance of applicants:
Because the Internet is accessible to people all over the world, the employer is likely to get swamped with resumes from interested candidates. And unfortunately, many of the applicants responding to the ads are not qualified. Recruiters spend a great deal of time sorting through resumes to discard those that do not qualify for the position they are seeking to fill.
Inflated resume keywords:
Because employers rely upon the applicant tracking system to locate resumes that include relevant keywords, there is a strong possibility that certain keywords in a vast majority of job applicant’s resumes are exaggerated. Therefore, recruiters are deceived into calling applicants for interviews that do not meet the job requirements. This is a waste of time, for both the applicant and the employment recruiter. Nonetheless, some job seekers who have been unemployed for a great length of time are really desperate for an interview that could hopefully land them a job.
Overestimate applicant:
It’s difficult for a company recruiter to determine whether or not an applicant is the right fit for a job without meeting him/her face-to-face. A candidate can have all the right credentials on paper but still may not have the right character for the company. The most effective way to determine if an applicant is suitable for a particular job and right fit for the company is to meet with him/her face-to-face in an interview.
Outdated job postings:
Occasionally, human resource representatives fail to remove old postings for positions from the website that have been filled. Sometimes this is due to miscommunication between the hiring manager and HR or a glitch in the system. Recruiters get swamped with resumes for jobs that are no longer open. However, employers will continue to get flooded with resumes from interested applicants until the posting is removed.


                     Companies use the E-Recruitment process for simplifying the selection procedure. To make the process effective, the organizations should be concerned about the Return on investment (ROI), which should be calculated to compare the costs and risks involved. It helps in calculating the benefits and measures the estimated return on investment.
                     In the era of globalization, the recruitment policy should be flexible and proactive, to adapt market changes.
                     Unemployment rate, labour turnover rate are to be considered. Remember, the whole process of recruitment depends on the availability of candidates in the market. For every vacant position in the company, it is not viable to spend too much of time and resources.
                     Impact of availability of compensation details in the job advertisement should be considered. Also, the wage, salary, benefits, when disclosed online, should follow the legal norms. Chance for negotiation will not arise.
                     Precautions to be taken while screening the resume online, keywords that discriminates gender, age, religion to be avoided.
                     Company should be selective while choosing the site for posting the job advertisement. It should be clear whether to post the advertisement on company’s own website or on a job portal available.

It has been correctly said that recruitment is not only about hiring the best rather it’s the question to enroll the right candidate in organization. E-Recruitment has changed the way jobs are applied for and has become so simple that anyone can do it. The whole world has become “smaller” with the use of the Internet and everything is made easier for better application. E-Recruitment helps organizations to be equipped with competent staff and thus it is linked with many HR activities of organization. E-Recruitment has proved to be important part of the recruitment strategy. This study has explored the effectiveness of using E-Recruitment in organizations. Online recruitment is also effective in terms of managing talent process that is also considered effective. It has also found that E-Recruitment will likely to grow in coming years. E-recruitment has provided some remarkable benefits in terms of cost and efficiency.

 Objectives of the Study

The objective of the research is to focus on the critical success factors of the e-recruitment system and to proof the important role played by using this new technology instruments such as websites, e-mails, online interviews, online Ads and posts, online submitting CVs to attract genuinely suitable candidates and to examine their credentials carefully throughout the most suitable ways and conditions comparing with the traditional recruitment process in order to create the most suitable recruitment plan after studying the major conditions that related to the company and to the candidate so we can produce a short list for the selection candidates, and reduce the turnover ratio of the employee as the retention of the best employees starts with effective recruitment and hiring process, strategies, policies and procedures.

The purpose of this study is to identify the critical success factors in the recruitment process, also to know how could e-recruiting affects the overall recruitment process and whether it causes changes in the nature and sequence of tasks associated with the traditional recruitment of external candidates. 

Few of the key goals to study the “Critical Success Factors of the erecruitment System” is to demonstrate and consider these factors as measurement conditions on the online recruitment practices on individuals’ attraction and motivation to apply for a job, also on organizations benefit and satisfaction.

The Significance of the Study

This study is focusing on the e-recruitment system “as phenomenon” that many organizations are using nowadays to hire talented and motivated manpower. 

The organizations would be influenced by many elements that encourage the transition face from traditional recruitment process to online recruitment process. 

162            Journal of Human Resources Management and Labor Studies, Vol. 2(2), June 2014            

It always starts with the organization’s strategies and planning to be implemented according to the financial and economic conditions plus globalization and internet impact.

In order to measure the effectiveness and success of e-recruitment, we will highlight the major variable factors that have direct and indirect effect on the results. 

Research Questions and Hypothesis

The central question in this research is about how we detect the critical success factors that affect the process of e-recruitment and determine the degree of the relationship between certain variables in relation with the e-recruitment environment as per the following hypothesis:

H1: Is there a relationship between recruitment process and recruitment sources?
H2: Is there a relationship between recruitment process and technological development of the organizations?
 H3: Is there a relationship between recruitment process and the recruiter qualifications?

Literature Review

The overall purpose of human resource management department is to ensure that the organization is able to achieve success through people, and the good human management is essential if organizations want to attract and retain good staff.

Human resource management is defined as a strategic and coherent approach to the management of an organization’s most valued assets – the people working there who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of its objectives. Human resources are the human labor, the physical abilities, and mental abilities that produce the goods and services of businesses.  “HRM is a managerial perspective which argues the need to establish an integrated series of personnel policies to support organizational strategy.” 

 (Buchanan & al., 2004) 1- Multi-level Staffing: Linking Individual Staffing to Organizational Effectiveness

Organizational leaders and HR managers who have implemented or will implement e-recruitment systems must commit to ensuring the system's success and must also establish resources for those projects, systematically evaluate e-recruitment process and outcomes, and increase the training of HR staff to operate the systems effectively and efficiently (Kim & al., 2009).

The recruitment strategy is different when the organization has the need to hire different level of staff. Organizations would use different approaches depending on the job level and the amount of specialized skills and qualifications required for the position. The differences start right from the job description so the management can determine specific criteria to plan for recruitment strategy. There are three components of job analysis that form the essential part of a job description:

(1) The purpose of a job; (2) the major duties and responsibilities contained in a job; and (3) the conditions under which the job is performed. 

To hire senior/managerial-level position, recruiter should understand that it will be very difficult and important decision. Making a mistake when hiring for managerial positions can cost the organization amount of money. It is extremely important to find the right fit even if the recruiter spends few months to find the right person. In those cases, the process of recruitment will be longer and the organization will be more precise in the interviews and in each step of the recruitment cycle.

2- E- HRM

Electronic business has played a major role in today’s business operations and received much attention from entrepreneurs, executives, investors and industry observes (Phan, 2003).Normally, there will be a lot of resistance or obstacles from the senior or veteran staffs since most of the organizational members will get into their comfort zone after sometime implementing certain process or system (Zheng & al., 2010). E-HRM is the relatively new term for IT supported HRM, especially through the use of web technology. The development of e-business has included ways to move HRM activities onto the IT and internet. 
164            Journal of Human Resources Management and Labor Studies, Vol. 2(2), June 2014            

(Kulkarni, 2012) stated in his article about (E-HRM Implementation) that the e-HRM is the web-based solution that takes advantage of the latest web application technology to deliver and online real-time human resource management solution. In other words, Electronic Human Resources Management (E-HRM) can be considers as a way to implement HR strategies, policies and practices in organizations through the use of web-based technology.

Organizations have increasingly relied on the e-HRM function to provide management solutions that increase the effectiveness of human capital. It includes: employee profile, e-recruitment, e-selection, e-training, e-performance, compensation.

3- E- Recruitment and E-Selection Process

E-recruitment is a part of electronic Human Resource Management (e-HRM). It is known as one of the most popular e-HRM applications used by organizations. Erecruitment could be defined as the use of the internet to attract potential employees to an organization and hire them. Online recruitment is also known as e-recruitment, is the practice whereby the online technology is used particularly websites as a means of assessing, interviewing, and hiring personnel (Dhamija, 2012). (Greer, 2003) stated that the Internet, e-mail, fax machines, cable modems, digital subscriber lines, personal computers, other forms of telecommunications, and express mail make up a set of forces that have allowed many workers to work off-site by telecommuting. Some also have been able to relocate geographically while continuing to perform the same work for their employers via telecommunications technology.

Recruitment is an important factor for the organizations since it performs the essential function of drawing an important resource into the organization. It has a strategic aim as it focuses on the need to attract high-quality people in order to gain a competitive advantage (Parry & Tyson, 2008). If people see that an organization values its staff, they are more likely to apply for a job with the organization and more likely to stay once they are recruited. Recruiting people with the right abilities support the organizational goals; Good human resources management means that an organization reduces risks to its staff and reputation. It also can reduce costs for an organization.

Table 1: Reliability Analysis

 Cornbrach’s Alpha  The Organization Opinion in E-Recruitment System                          0.894 Technological Development of the Organization                                                                   0.623 Recruiter Qualifications                                                                                                              0.837 Recruitment Sources                                                                                                                   0.719     The Importance of the E-recruitment                                                                                      0.717     The Impact of Using the E-recruitment on the Organization                                               0.614

3- Correlation Analysis

Concerning our hypotheses, the positive correlation represents that the greater the independent variables (Organization Opinion, Technological Development, Recruiter Qualification, and Sources) the greater organization’ intention to use the online recruitment system. We can see that most of the organizations assent that there will be a positive impact when they use e-recruitment system and they believe in the importance of e-recruitment system.

The highest correlation coefficient (r) was equal to 0.615. It is between (Using e-recruitment can be varied depends on the industry sector and targeted applicants) and (The effectiveness of e-recruitment can be varied depends on the size of the organization). The second highest correlation coefficient (r) was equal to 0.592 between (The organization believe that online recruitment has profitable revenue) and (The organization afford the budget to adopt the e-recruitment system).

4- Factor Analysis

Factor analysis using principal extraction component was conducted. The analysis showed that the variance contribution of the first common factor in the (Organization Opinion in E-recruitment System) reached 57.044%. From this result we can notice that the main support to apply the online recruitment system is the strategy of the organization and its vision. It is important that the management set their goals in parallel with the market trend so they enlarge the ability to develop and compete. Also affording the needful budget is a challenge that organization go through.

The rest of the factors took less importance rank in the analysis. Overall, the results of the six factors indicate linking the variables positively.

Table 2: Factor Analysis :Factors The Organization

Opinion in ERecruitment System
Technological Development of the Organization
Recruiter Qualifications
Recruitment Sources
The Importance of the Erecruitment
The Impact of Using the Erecruitment on the Organization

57.044 %

42.117 %

In order to examine the relationships between recruitment system and recruitment sources, one-way ANOVAS were used. The findings related to recruitment system are presented in the following Table:

Hypothesis # 1: Is there a relationship between recruitment system and recruitment sources?

                           Table 3:           Regression (Hypothesis 1)

Sum of Square
Mean Square


In order to examine the relationship between recruitment system and recruitment sources, one-way ANOVA analysis was conducted. The findings are presented in Table (4.40).

Table (3) show that there is significant difference between using online recruitment system and recruitment sources with a significant difference 0.002, which reflects positive relationship. The more recruiter uses the online recruitment system, the more he has plenty of sources to get more CVs. 

168            Journal of Human Resources Management and Labor Studies, Vol. 2(2), June 2014            

Hypothesis # 2:

Is there a relationship between recruitment system and technological development of the organizations?
                                 Table 4: Regression (Hypothesis 2)

Sum of square
Mean of square


In order to examine the relationship between recruitment system and technological development of the organization, one-way ANOVA analysis was conducted. The findings are presented in Table (4).

The results in the table (4) indicate positive relationship between using the online recruitment system and the technological development of the organization with significant difference 0.033.

We can conclude that if the organization adapted new technology system and facilitate internet
connection service to the employees, the ability to use the online recruitment system would increase accordingly.


This research presents a study of few factors that play an important role in using the online recruitment system. Generally, we conclude that the organization has to perform its online recruitment system to achieve its goals. The management needs to look into various factors that influence the process of online recruitment such as the organizational management opinion to adapt new system, technological development, recruiter qualifications, and sources. Then determine the importance and the impact of using the online recruitment system. The internet has radically changed the way recruiters operate. Recruiter should be characterized by high computer, communication and negotiation skills to be able to see which candidates can fit into an organization according to the organization’s requirement and standards so they must understand the vision of the organization. Recruiters should be all over the Internet looking for qualified applicants; also use social media networking to find the best and brightest candidates. In E-Recruitment privacy is one of the major threats that could expose people's personal information or it can be misused by other persons, thus providing personal information online can lead to security issues. In the recent competitive market, being competitive is based on talents and skills of management and its workforce instead of classical capital; and acquiring talented workers helps firms to boost operational abilities and to develop more advanced resources, capabilities, and also add to core competencies.    


                                                                  THANK YOU

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