Friday 9 August 2019

Why many students don’t take summer internship seriously?

Why many students don’t take summer internship seriously?

Many of students don’t take their summer internship seriously they have their own reasons but some common reasons are here:

1.   Unnoticed Work
              As an intern, they might be doing very good but still, find themselves in a position where their part is hardly appreciated. So, this can clearly be discouraging.
              When the intern feel that their work gets ignored so the interns feel desperate and lose the interest and don’t take work seriously
2. Unpaid stipend  
              If the company took work from their intern and didn’t pay any type of stipend so the interns do not work properly and don’t take SIP seriously.  
3. No Feedback
             Regular evaluations are vital for all employees, but particularly for interns and entry-level candidates. Interns need to know if they are doing a good job or if something needs to change.
                 If interns didn’t receive any type of feedback so they become desperate and doesn’t take internship seriously.

4. The interns that want to learn are not taught to them.

               Many of interns that have their own strategy that what they want to learn during the internship if they didn’t get these things so they lose interest on their work and then they don’t take internship seriously.

5. Boredom

               Some companies are given same work or no work to their interns during the SIP. So, the interns feel boredom during the internship. And they don’t take it seriously.
Yashashree Bhorkar (MBA)
Aviation HR Intern

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