Monday 23 March 2020

A Leader with A Big Dream

A Leader with Big Dreams
A leader is a Manager who influences people to work towards achieving specific Goals. Leadership is a process whereby a leader manages, directs, influence and induce others to work towards achieving specific Goals.
According to the Oxford English dictionary,

leadership is defined as leading a group of people or an organisation. It is also the state or position of being a leader.

Leadership is the ability to convince or persuade others to seek defined objectives enthusiastically.
The essentials of good leadership are being able to and prepared to inspire others. To inspire others to work, ideas are needed to which are communicated in a way that the subordinates would understand the goal they are working towards.
For instance, in a food factory, there are

about 50 staffs. at a point, when sales as drastically reduced because of the economic situation, the manager had to find a solution to make things change. He resorted to attending seminars, go online to seek solutions and he got one after some time. He had to improve the quality of the produce, also he had to review the way those products to achieve the desired result. As the manager, he had to learn to find the simplest and easiest way to communicate to the production team ways on how to do it to get desired results. He also as to teach and devise better ways to advertise the products.
In the example above, all arms were working towards achieving a specific goal which was making their products better and making it known to the populace. However, all these were directed by the manager who had to come up with the idea- DREAM.
As a leader, there are certain characteristics expected of one. The leader has vision, dreams. This is what qualifies one to be called  LEADER. The dream becomes the goal and when there is a goal, it would cause the leader to get people to work to make the dream a reality.
Leadership is about leading an organization into the future. A leader finds opportunities that are coming faster and then exploits those opportunities successfully.
A leader sees people as their greatest assets and not the processes Like the example above, the manager could have decided to change its staff and retained the old styles of doing things, he knew it would still bring the same results but when the processes changed, they had good results. They share their compelling vision with their willing followers and they are good at identifying the right people.
However, in this millennial age, there are some attributes expected from a leader including those identified to fit the future. A millennial leader must be willing to speak out. When challenges arise on the way to achieve the big dream, the leader should learn to talk and learn to communicate criticism constructively to be received well.
A millennial leader should learn to project confidence as this would instil confidence in the minds of the followers;
These qualities are important in making a good leader regardless of age. Michael Dell was 20 when he built his computer, Steve Jobs was 21 when he founded Apple, Bill Gates was 20 when Microsoft came to be and several others. They were all young but had the right qualities of a leader to lead a team in achieving their DREAMS.
Finally, most dreams seem to be big and unachievable but with the right team, character, spirit, mindset from both the leaders the followers; the BIG DREAM becomes a reality.

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