Tuesday 14 April 2020

Students Please Beware of Such Admission Letters Please and Do Not Send Any Money at this time Please.

Shubhra Sasmit is a MBA aspirant who had been selected for Frankfurt school of
finance and management Germany for MBA in finance. Shubhra is very excited to
be a part of foreign University. Shubhra got an email from Frankfurt University to
send the fees for registration of his seat within a fixed time period as mentioned
in the mail.
Now Shubhra went to his father asking for fees which is near about EUR 9.000
Which makes a good amount in INR. So being from a middle class background his
father raised a question that there is corona virus spreading all across the globe
and surely there will be no classes then why the hell they are demanding fees?
On what basis they (University) are demanding the fees from students? In the
mail it was not assured that classes will be in classrooms not via virtual form and
we all know that offline practical classes are far more effective than online classes
and tutorials. At the end of the discussion his father said they should also reduce
their fees as they are not providing the value for money advantage. Shubhra got
confused and worried about being fooled but his father encouraged him and said
make some efforts to reduce your fees from university and also spread or make
aware students who are making their career from these kind of universities.

Primarily Shubhra send a mail to university and try to build a contact and conversation with University parallel to this he is also studying the norms and policies of university under the effect of pandemic atmosphere.

Subhra Sasmit create a list of students and parents who's children's are out of
country for the studies and start consulting with them and try to create an understanding on this issue.


Q. 1 Taking money from students and not able to provide the value for money advantage is a kind of monopolistic behavior of university towards helpless students. Express your views.
Q. 2 what do you think will Shubhra be able to negotiate with Frankfurt University?
Q. 3 what type of suggestions do you want tell to Shubhra in this issue?

Students Please Beware of Such Admission Letters Please and Do Not Send Any Money at this time Please. 

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