Wednesday 6 May 2020

Crazy Managers Of AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd See What they Love at Home

Crazy Managers Of AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd

Soft toys
These are my most favourite. Soft toys are something that you can talk to when you are low or happy. They will give you the feeling that you are not alone. At this age also, I am crazy for soft toys. I have a good collection of them, I always had. A few are shown in the picture. When other girls of my age are buying makeup, I am busy buying a soft toy. 

Coffee Mug
Actually it is not the design that made me to fall in love with this, it's the coffee. I am big fan of coffee. I can die for it. My day starts and ends with my coffee only. I can do anything and everything to get just one mug of it. I literally feel, coffee is a hug in a mug. Writing about it is making me to go kitchen and prepare one nice coffee, lol, I am heading towards my kitchen now. 

Nail paint
I actually love nail paints, reason being my nails are really long. I like to try different different shades. Whenever I go to market to buy something, I end up buying a nail paint. I guess I believe in saying that Nail Polish speak louder than words. 

This collage is really close to my heart. My best friend gifted me on my birthday, she collected all the childhood pictures which was not that easy. This shows her love and the efforts she put. Moreover, it contains my favorite :P

I know it's very weird but I kind of like it and that much that I have one in front of me for 24 hours. I like my mirror, just looking at my reflection. At the end, I just want to say 
Smile in the mirror. Do that every morning and you'll start to see a big difference in your life.  
Yashi Julka [MBA HR]


If I say I am crazy over perfumes then it will be an understatement!
I am head over heels for perfumes. Perfumes not only give me the boost in my confidence but I believe they also complete me. I am a fan of perfumes having a neutral and mild fragrance. My favorite among the slot are Allure Homme Sport by Chanel and Cool Water by Davidoff.

This area is my favorite area in my entire house. I find it to be the most comfortable and relaxing place. I often read a book, listen to music and do my work here. My little balcony on the right hand side helps in keeping the house well ventilated and filled with natural light.

T V -
Generally I use my TV to watch my favorite series on Netflix. One of my favorite series is Dark. It is a Netflix original series and focuses on time travel and end of the world. I believe it is a good way to reward yourself after a long day.

Music deck-

I love listening to music while I am working. Listening to music at a great volume has always been my thing and my music deck stands great on my expectation.

Laptop and Phone-

My laptop and phone are my least favorites. The reason being they help me connect to the social world which I believe is a boon and bane in itself. They have also have been my saviors in these times of lockdown. If they would have not been with me then rather than doing this internship I would have turned into a couch potato.

Srishti Malkotia BBA  

I'm crazy about perfumes. I love collecting different fragrances from different brands. 


Right from my childhood I like the soft sound of anklet. It's our family tradition of wearing it and everyone identify me walking in by the sound of my anklet. 

Money Plant.

Plantation and gardening is one of my hobby. Money Plant has always been my favourite. 


Earphone for every music lover has its own importance, and they are my favorite thing ever. It's my companion for every work. 


I love crafts and poster making. They are my favorite leisure time work. 

Camera: Camera is a very important tool nowadays. People would always want to save their
memories in the shape of pictures that will last forever. Whenever I feel bored of myself or low. I take out my camera and go for round which makes my inner peace relax. This is like my part of body, which help me too take intense, funny, angry and love emotions of a person, place which is close to nature or a thing which have something that erupts story by itself, through lens I capture it. Which tells thousands of stories inside - out and hidden emotions which my camera takes out by his lens that makes my all pictures intense with some hidden story in itself or pictures like nature’s which as some secret in it and teach us how to be strong and not be dependent on others. So, this how my camera helps me to look up to person, place and things in other way.

Laptop: Laptop has very been important source of gadget for nowadays for beings. Because through laptop people can entertain themselves and also gets educated through this gadget. Also, by this gadget people get to connect with their loved ones by being far distance away from them, they feel connected through this. Due to Lockdown people are feeling bored this gadget get money for people by doing work of office from home.

Poster Colour: Sometimes being at home doing  nothing I just remove my paint brush and poster colours and wave my hands on the painting book and then  the result comes is just beyond my thinking because what we think on that commands the hands moves on it and  the beautiful painting is been drawn on the book. Some people say that the person who as lots of colours in his or hers hands they are all jolly and bubbly fun-loving person. which makes them beautiful from inside and outside an brings happiness all around them, as they say lots of colours brings happiness in lives. So, this is definition of poster colour to me in my life.

Green tea: As sun gets on head I wake up from my bed and have a morning exercise as I come tired this green tea bring mind and body fresh and active for the whole day. This tea as a Zero calorie and has light taste that brighten up your day.

Coffee Mug: In Morning out of balcony on one hand mug a proper view of the people’s Hassle. Where everyone is busy in their own world like kids are going to schools, men & women going for office work and old men readings newspaper Or have their chit chat in the ground etc. is been daily things for me in the morning, but due to lock-down there is no Hassle of men’s and kids, but out of balcony in one hand mug that has not changed. But view as changed that is different like no Hassle on road and ground an good view of sunrise with birds chirping with their beautiful voice. That makes my morning more amazing then before. You can say that morning sip is beautiful with this pleasant view with no noise and pollution of vehicles.

Rasika Kokare (BMM)
Wilson college
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1. Sony Speakers

Music heals the soul and makes our spirits fly despite all hurdles. Being a musicophile, i love listening to songs from all genres ranging from Bollywood to Spanish songs. We tend to understand the lyrics of the songs when we are in pain and we tend to enjoy the tunes when we are happy. Hence, this speakers are really valuable to me as it is a stress-buster for me.

2. Air conditioner

Summer is here and it is vital to keep our bodies cool and hydrated. Air conditioner is one of the inventions that i am happy about. With a healthy body and mind, we can achieve great successes.

3. Earphones

I love my earphones alot as it helps me to shut out the world and the chaos around me for sometime. It helps me to focus on myself and gives me space and time to reminisce memories and rethink about my goals.

4. Refridgerator

Refrigerator is like a passage for discovering mysterious and surprising things. Being a foodie, i open it atleast 10 times a day hoping that there will be something new and tasty to consume. In this period of lockdown, i realised how important it is to have a refrigerator as it helps food from getting spoilt easily as well.

5. Family picture

This picture is really close to my heart as whenever i am low or with any extreme emotions, looking at my loved ones in this small frame helps to rejuvenate my energy.

Udhaya Kumar Aishwarya [MBA HR]

My soft toy - Maxy
In 2017, my friend and I rescued a street dog who was badly injured. We treated her and in a week's time she was back on her feet. We were suppose to give her to the animal care but we couldn't do it.
We fell in love with her and decided to adopt her. Her name was Maxy. Months later, my mom came home and I had to give her to the animal care. I remember how much I tried to convince her. I was broken, I remember not eating food for days.
Few months later, on my birthday my ex gifted me this little puppy as a memory of Maxy. For me, it's not just a soft toy but its more than that. I treat it like a pet. It's very close to my heart.

Ferrari World Entry Pass
It's Ferrari world's entry pass. Assumement parks are my favorite and going to Ferrari World was a dream. In 2019, when I visited the United Arab Emirates, I finally got a chance to fulfill my dream. 
I still can't believe that I made it. It was a brilliant experience. I don't have enough words to describe my feelings. I feel so proud of myself that I achieved one of my dream. I've kept this entry pass as a memory and every time I look at it, I feel so happy. 

I don't have much photographs of me and brother when we were little. As of now, I just have these two pictures.
Wherever I go, I make sure I carry them. In every house that I've lived so far, these pictures were always stuck on the wall. 
I miss those days of my life when we both used to live together. My brother is the most important part of my life and he will be forever.

Music is not just a hobby for me but it's who I am today. I started singing at the age of 4 and got a privilege to perform in many states of India. 
My father always wanted me to learn Guitar. It was his dream which he couldn't complete. When I was in 8th grade, I joined a Music School in Goa and from there my journey as a guitarist began. 
This was a gift from my father on my 14th birthday. I've always loved this guitar more than anything else in the world even more than myself.

This coffee mug is more than 10 years old now. I’m sure you might not believe me but honestly it is. I don't exactly remember how many cities this mug might have travelled by now. It has been a major part of my life.
I can share anything with anyone accept for this mug. I'm always scared that someone might break it someday.

Saregama Carvaan-This item is my favorite and works as a relief in this lockdown. I enjoy my evenings sitting outside under the sky with all my family members and listening to Saregama Carvaan, I discovered that I have an old soul and love for vintage songs.

Novels-My love for novels will never diminish. I can spend all day glued to my book, zoned out in my own world. In the state of lockdown reading a book takes you to another time and place with fine details and colorful writing.

Farewell gift- A diary with our name imprinted on the top was given to us by our juniors; it is very dear to me. While we all were parting away every member in the class wrote a memory and the good times they’ve spend with you. When I miss school, I open my diary of memories.

Golden Bells- This is a hymn book that reminds me of school. Every morning we use to sing a hymn during the assembly time. It reminds me of the day dedicated to the farewell class, as we sang our favorite hymns that morning.

My favorite jersey- This jersey holds a special place in my heart, reminds me of all the memories and takes me back to the good times.


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