Saturday 23 May 2020

Difference between Corona, Covid-19 and Corona Positive

Difference between Corona,  Covid-19 and Corona Positive
The terms Covid-19 and Corona positive are often used interchangeably. The terms are related to each other but are not exactly the same.  
Corona positive- When we say that an individual is Corona Positive after the test results from any one of the tests namely SWAB Test, Nasal aspirate, Tracheal aspirate, Sputum test or blood test; this signifies that the RNA of Coronavirus has been detected in the individual. There is a difference between- The individual is infected from the virus and the individual is sick from the virus. The patient who has been infected might not even display symptoms of it and recover within 14 days with no medication but the antibodies that are present naturally. The person who is sick from the virus may get Covid-19. 
Covid-19- - It is the state where the “Coronavirus patient” begins to develop symptoms and signs of mild fever, dry cough, tiredness, respiratory problems i.e. shortness of breath, chest  pain or loss of speech This is the critical stage where the individual experiences the symptoms along with being Corona Positive. Therefore the stage of Covid-19 is fatal where patient of Corona virus experiences the symptoms as well.

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