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How to start Travel Blogging

How to Start Travel Blogging? 

To become a travel blogger is indeed a dream of everyone. After all, it's such an interesting job. You get to explore this beautiful world, stay in luxurious hotels, meet new people on the run, try out different cruines. On top of that, you get paid for living such a life. It sounds amazing isn't it?

Today's blog is going to answer all the questions you have in-order to start your own travel blog.

If you google " How to start a Travel Blog? " you will get thousands of articles and videos which will have some standard and mostly similar tips to start your own travel blog. However, I am going to mention some advance ways by which you can not only start your own blog but always start earning.  

Let me be honest, starting a travel blog is everybody's piece of cake but to be successful is not in everyone's destiny. I am not trying to demotivate you. My point here is, you have to be different. You need to find your own way to walk towards success. Of-course there will be a lot of people who will guide you, motivate you and inspire you but this is your journey and you will have to walk alone.  
Before we begin, check out my previous blog where I've mentioned the traditional ways of starting a travel blog. These methods will give you a gist on how blogging should be started and how it actually works.
 1. Choosing a platform
To begin with blogging, you need to choose a platform which is the first and the most important step. There are many blogging websites of-course however, you need to decide which one is more convenient for you.
For vlogging, YouTube is obviously the best platform to start with. There are few more as well however the coverage that YouTube offers is 'the best'  as compared to the other platforms. 

For blogging, you can either choose a blogging website or create a website of your own. 
Creating a website is the best way to start blogging. It might cost you a lot to begin with maybe around Rs. 5000 to Rs. 6000 but there are many benefits of having your own website. Having a website gives you more control over your content. You can design your website the way you want without relying on the themes and layouts that free blogging websites offers. Further when your website reaches to a bigger audience, you can also add advertisements on your website which will generate revenue. This might not be a huge amount of-course but a little to begin with is always considered.   
Blogging sites are more like social media. You don't have complete control over it. Its free and many people prefer to begin without much investment but it takes a little more time to create an audience on such blogging sites.

If you are someone who doesn't wish to invest in the initial phrase, than you may choose blogging websites to begin with. There are many blogging platforms like I've mentioned in my previous blog. If your not tech savey than is perfect for you. There is not much to learn in this. Its very simple to use and also offers decent themes, layouts and templates.

If you want your blog to be more professional than is perfect. Its an award winning website that offers wide features and it is also easy to use.

2. Choosing your content

Once you have decided which platform to begin with, you need to think about your content. Your content should be what your viewers would enjoy reading. This will make sure that your viewers come back to you every time you upload a blog/vlog.

What comes to your mind when you think of travel blog? The most common travel blogs would be travel itineraries, details about a destination like best time to visit, best places to visit, cost of the hotel, or restaurants to dine. These are the basic questions every backpackers or travelers generally have.

Many travelers are still not comfortable traveling without a package specially if its with a family. Do you know why? Traveling without a package can be expensive. First, the cost of hotels vary from hotel to hotel and location of-course and second would be the cost of internal transfers. We all know what its like to visit a destination for the first time. Since we do not know anything about that place, its very easy for the residents or the localites to take an advantage of it.

For example, people traveling to Goa for the first time always complain about how expensive their trip was. That's because the local taxis do not run on meter hence, they don't have any fix fare. The fare would depend from person to person and also from season to season. If a normal fare from Goa International Airport to Miramar, Panjim is Rs. 500 - Rs. 600 they would charge Rs. 2000. Surprised isn't it? 
Similarly there are many states in our country where Hindi is not the first language. When you travel to such destinations without a travel package it might get a little frustrating since you won't find proper guidance. Solo travelers can travel through thick and thin as most of them are experienced and young however if its a family trip than such adventures are not preferred. There's where travel bloggers step-in.
If you as a travel blogger make sure to provide in-dept information about a destination, you will no doubt gain viewers automatically. Travel blogging is not only talking about your personal experience but there are a lot more elements included. Before you start blogging, I would recommend you to read some of the travel blogs by famous travel bloggers and get to know how have they written their blogs. Such information is much needed to begin with travel blogging.
3. Promotion
After choosing a platform and deciding your content, the next major thing is promotion. I am not suggesting anyone to go for paid promotions. This could be very expensive and if you do not promote your blog from time to time than, you might end up loosing your followers or your followers won't increase. So let's talk about the legit way of promoting your content.
For a website or a blog site, Google Analytics is the perfect assistant that you might need.
Google Analytics
It is an amazing tool that allows you to analyze and track your website visitors. This is a much needed tool for anyone who wishes to grow their website. Most blog sites have in-built analytics. Irrespective to which blogging site or website you use, Google Analytics is a must.
What does Google Analytics do?
 It helps you to check your visitor and also from where they are coming (eg. Google, Facebook or any other social platforms), how long are they spending on your website, which pages are they clicking. Who are these people visiting your website, their age range, male or female or which city they are from and many more information as such.
How does Google Analytics work?
Install Google Analytics, sign-in and link your website. Once your website is link, there will be a special code that will be linked to all the social media platforms through which your website can be found. By this, you will be able to know from where your viewers are visiting your website. Google Analytics will also let you see how many people are bouncing off your website, either they are bouncing at the home page or at the landing page. This will help you to know what needs to be improved.
Similarly for YouTube, there is YouTube Analytics which pretty much does the same job.
4. Grabbing opportunities.
Once you have chosen your platform, decided your content and started promoting your content, the next step is grabbing opportunities. The initial life of a travel blogger/vlogger is definitely going to be a pain however once you climb that ladder, you will have many new opportunities coming your way. You simply need to utilize your skills in the right place and at the right time.
As a travel blogger, you can join the travel blogging communities where you can showcase your content to reach out to the other talented and famous travel bloggers and collaborate with them. You can even work as a travel writer for travel companies. There are many virtual assistant jobs as well that will offer you handsome salary and also help you built your knowledge and reach out to brands.

All this might sound easy to say which I strongly agree, but might seem a little difficult to do practically. Once you start your own travel blog, you will eventually learn everything that a travel blogger should know. From social media marketing to building your website, from freelancing to approaching brands.

Consider your travel blog as a business. For any business to get started you need to invest time and money. Similarly, for travel blogging, you might have to invest time and money in the initial phrase which will eventually be paid off in extras. You will have to work days and nights to reach your target but trust me, everything that you do in the beginning will be a result of your success.

My personal suggestion would be, do not start a travel blog because you like to travel. You need to be ready to face any situations that will come your way. As humans, we tend to get exhausted. Even working for just 8 hours a day can be so damn tiring. Imagine working for 12 hours straight without a break. Everything seems to be easy when its said but when we are in that situation, we start cribbing and eventually give up.

If you have decided to be a travel blogger and start your own blog, think about it again. If you still think you can do it, that's amazing. Don't think for years and waste your time. Start it from today and always remember, 'never look back'. No matter how hard it gets, keep going. You will find your success and that day you will be prouder than everybody else around you.

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