Tuesday 12 May 2020

Why start a maintenance day

Why start a maintenance day?
I work from home. what is your superpower?
Maintenance day is that one day where you do all your maintenance tasks that you spread throughout the week. Sometimes the tasks can be desirable and sometimes they are not. It can include all the household chores or maintaining your car and so on…
Grouping all these tasks together have their own benefits:
1.     Helps you prioritize time for more important tasks.
2.     You feel more productive and motivated
3.     It is impossible to procrastinate completing your maintenance tasks
4.     You become less dependent on your alarms for completing your maintenance task
5.     You feel satisfied about getting a lot of things done together
6.     Your mind seems much more orderly
7.     It helps clear physical as well as mental clutter
8.     Enhances your multitasking skills

I work from home. what is your superpower?

Ankita Suvarna [MBA HR]
Manager HR [ Internship InCharge]
AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd

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