Saturday 13 June 2020

Dear #Linkedin #Connections

Dear  #Linkedin #Connections,

As, from a long time I am viewing every 2nd or 3rd post on LinkedIn in which various #HR #Candidates / #Employees are searching out for a particular job.

So, basically this job is for all HR professionals and not for any specific candidate.

In this #Pandemic situation who is more likely to be affected are the #HR #Professionals , as the frequency of employees losing their job is increasing day by day because HR is treated as non-productive #Resource.

So, when the company's financial health goes down the first candidate to whom they fire is the HR.

On the other side, when employers plan for their own start-up then they hire HR professional only for their recruiting process so that this can help them in saving their huge amount of money.
But once the employer grows and company start hiring quite good number of employees, then they start planning of how the HR should be removed, so that they can save their money and could hire a simple HR in a low budget which would be beneficial to them as well as their company.
Mostly people never notices how much work does an HR does how much efforts he/she gives on their work they are never appraised as people think HR job is just sitting at one place.
Being an HR professional , it is not an easy job as we have to recruit new hires, maintain benefits and #Payroll.

So, HR Professional role is at the core of a company's success.

I hope HR people viewing this post will agree to me.

You can share your views and experiences.


Shweta Upreti MBA
Manager HR (Internship InCharge)
AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd

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