Wednesday 5 August 2020

Blogging is the Best Career Option for Pilots and Management Students Post CoVid19

Need a Case Study / PPTs On the following Topic
Blogging is the Best Career Option for Pilots / Management Students Post CoVid19

Sub Topics : 
#Blogging is the Best Career Option for Pilots Post CoVid19 
#Blogging is the Least Affected  Career Option for Pilots During CoVid19 Lockdown
#Blogging is the Best Career Option for Management Students Post CoVid19 
#Blogging as a Career in Asia
#Blogging as a Career in Aviation
#Part-time Blogging for Management Students
#How to be a Blogger in Asia
#Scope of Blog in Management Education
#How to start a Blog in Aviation 
#How do you use Blogging 
#Blogger Job Role
#Blogging be a full-time Career
#How did you start your Blog
#Making a Career out of Blogging
#How to Monetize Blog without an AdSense
#Celebrity Bloggers Asia
#Top earning Blogs in Asia
#Youngest Blogger in Asia
#Scope of Blogging System  in Asia
#Blogging is the Most Rewarding Career Option for Pilots Post CoVid19 
#Blogging is the Best Paying Career Option for #Management Students Post CoVid19 
#How Smart Pilots Earn Double in Blogging than Flying an Air Plane
#Blogging is the Least Affected  Career Option for MBAs During CoVid19 Lockdown and Post CoVid19 
#Why Blogging Take a very long time to Learn and Earn

Only Best 5 Case Study / 5 PPTs will get Certificates

Debadrita Roy [PGDM]
HR Manager (internship in-charge)

Rashi Rathi  [MBA] 
HR Manager (Asst. in-charge)
10 Best  Tips for a Blog Content Creation 
[ Valuable content marketing is the secret to attract the reader’s mind  What compromises of this valuable content ]

 📍Know your audience- List all the demographics, psychographics and reasons relating to purchase 
 📍Build a strategy- Source ideas for marketing. In depth content will build your expertise. So dive in the data
 📍Implement EAT- Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness 
 📍Analyse- Detailed information at every step 
 📍Simplify- Now that you have everything, make it easier for your audience to process 
📍Update existing content- Add new pointers to previously defined strategies. Say what's not being said by others
 📍Share you wins- Don't boast about your achievements but let your audience know who you are 
 📍Experiment- Try making videos or podcasts 
 📍Use bullets or numbering- Makes it easy to process 
 📍Research- Read several blogs and participate in forums to get insights 
 📍Check SEO- Be updated with SEO data and keywords, it raises your rank in the SERPs
📍 Interactive- To increase social exposure, take a step towards interactive content

Did I miss out on something?
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