Tuesday 11 August 2020

Data Professionals have different flavors

Want to learn #datascience?
What for??
Got a few questions around how to get started with #ds.
Okay, but it’s a vast field. You need to narrow the role down and then plan the path.
#Data Professionals have different flavors
➡️ Data Analysts
➡️ Data Engineers
➡️ Data Scientists
➡️ ML/AI Engineers
➡️ Statisticians
Which one is yours?
Without answering that you are as good as lost in this evolving field, no matter how many courses are done.

https://crazy-guru.anxietyattak.com/2020/08/data-professionals-have-different.htmlAnswered on #instagram @bossymiss.
I got a boat analogy 🛳 here ✌️. Hit me with yours.
#ml #ai #dataliteracy #datascientists

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