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Plat for Seema Gupta Fiction Story

Plat for Seema Gupta Fiction Story 

Family : Gupta Family
Business : Gupta Sweet Stall
Main    : Seema  , aged 24
Father : Ravi , aged 58
Uncle  : Anjan , aged 52
Mom    : Puja. Puja has been a loving mother  , aged 56
Her Brothers : Kavi and Gagan.
Grand Father : Madan Gupta , aged 70  
B/F   :  Pulkit Garg

Gupta family , was a well known Marwari family in Kanpur for their  ‘Gupta Sweet Stall’ . Most adored for their delicious  Sweets . Madan Gupta , aged 70 , very much respected in the locality, owned the shop. His two sons, Ravi and Anjan , supported Madan at the Sweet Shop and Ravi , was a Mechanical Engineer by profession.

Seema Gupta , the eldest daughter of Gupta family . A very determined  girl and daughter of Ravi and Puja. Puja has been a loving mother , home maker and a great support to her husband .  Seema is the apple of their eye. Yet she is brought up with great family values. She has been a guide to her brothers Kavi and Gagan.

One morning , Seema was in deep sleep . The phone beeps and Seema wakes up to see- “ Good Morning Shona “ says the sender  . “Morning Sweets “ replies  Seema . Ever since Seema met Pulkit , she has been experiencing a new happiness in her life. Initial “hi , hello “ to “Shona ,Sweet heart” , Seema and Pulkit have become so inseparable .  They have been in a happy relationship.

Seema was still on  bed with a thought that haunted her every morning- “ Why wasn’t I so fortunate to get into IIT to puruse MBA ?“. She had graduated in BE  from IIT Kanpur  , but somehow failed to  make she failed to get it into IIT to pursue MBA. Her family and Pulkit had consoled her by saying  ‘One who is talented and determined can make an opportunity for themself anywhere.’ Every morning she would get the same thought and these words would boost her morale.

By then, her mother Puja breaks her thoughts  – ‘Seema , utho ‘.

Seema pulls herself back to normal and notices Pulkit’s messages  -“Hey Shona, are we meeting ?? your internal exams are over I guess ..”. She replies to him to meet by noon and gets back to routine .
Ravi and Anjan have always been two proud sons of Madan. With diverse thoughts and a great passion and urge to be a business man ,  Ravi always looked for an opportunity to start his own business. With piling up sufficient money for Initial Investment and with other resources and materials in place , Ravi plans to start a CAB service and proposes this idea with his younger brother Anjan.

Ravi -‘Anjan , I have decided to start a travel agency to provide CAB services . We can invest and in return, get good profits’.

Anjan always believed , his brother was well organized , patient , thoughtful and correct. Without questioning any further about investment , Anjan said - ‘Good idea. But how can we manage to look after the Sweet Shop and CAB services as well?’

Ravi- ‘Currently , dad and you are looking after the Sweet Shop . Dad can manage it alone for few more years .And I want you to look after the Travels . I would manage to arrange for Investment. But all I want you to do is ‘management’ and I’m pretty confident you will do it.‘
Anjan knew it was not an easy task to manage a new business . He knew his strengths and weakness as it is concerned with Mangement.  Yet , Anjan wanted to support Ravi for his confidence in him.
After few discussions about the pros and cons on this idea , they both propose the new business idea in front of father Madan. Madan had his say and under his sheer guidance ,finally  ‘Seema Travels’ gets inaugurated . Initially with 5 cabs, 8 drivers and few other resources , SeemaTravels begins to make its way .
Days passed , Seema cleared her Final Exams . She always valued time. During vacations , she managed to take up business and sales courses which would help her design a better career and make her fully equipped for her profession. Mean while , Ravi could not gain maximum profits as estimated from the Travels. He felt a sense of despair.

Through her smartness, wit, qualification and skills , Seema  got into job in ‘Bright Innovation Motors’ , one of the leading business firms at kanpur. She was appointed as a Sales Execuitve. Her joy went bound less . Seema performed very well at Job and learnt practical aspects of business and completed one year successfully at her Job. She celebrated this , by inviting Pulkit for a treat . After dinner, Pulkit and Seemago for a long drive .Pulkit embraces her .His face reflected a proud feeling towards Seema . He kissed her forehead and expressed his delight by gifting her a Gold pendant .

In the middle of the conversation , Pulkit says –‘Seema , I ‘m so happy that you are performing good at your job. But I see that Uncle Ravi is quite unhappy these days as the Travels are not doing well. I would suggest you could help your dad to manage this better.’ This makesSeema think of what she can do for her father .Seema travels had been deteriorating  day by day. Due to lack of exposure and communication , Anjan could not get much profits . Ravi could not concentrate both at his work and travels .

Seema was sharp enough to observe this depression . She volunteers to talk to her father .

Seema –‘Dad , you seem upset these days.  And I do understand that you are worried about our Travels.‘
Ravi-‘hmm.. I do recognize Anjan’s efforts to keep up business . Yet we are not upto the mark . People don’t prefer our Cab services in the city . And we are not successful in gaining regular customers as yet since the inception of our Travels. Drivers are not regular and punctual at work . Enforcing strict work rules are seeming tough as Anjan lacks commanding and I cannot manage them on my own.’

Ravi goes on explaining all his concerns and worries. Hearing this , Seema gets awakened and motivated.

Seema  now involves  in the business of ‘Seema Travels’. She brings in several changes in the business operations . The Travels launches  a new website to facilitate easy booking and to let the customers know the cab availability with ease . Best price deals, single day packages , discounts on special days for regular customers were few of Seema’s new ideas for the business. With her great sense of Networking , she could broadcast and promote her business through face book and Linked in. She got reviews and responses which made her take appropriate steps to meet the customer demands and satisfy them. Anjan got educated with Seema’s involvement . He contributed more .

With her business Strategy , she sold out the old cars and purchased new ones as per the customers preference as conducted in her survey. She enforced strict rules at work and hired drivers who could adhere to it and in return gave them a good pay.

With her involvement  , Seema Travels began to flourish. They started receiving too many requests for CAB services . Seema did not want to lose business . She started outsourcing the work and expanded the business. Within a few months , Seema Travels turned into ‘SeemaTravels Private Limited.’
And within an year , they could start four new branches in the City . With this success , Ravi felt a sigh of relief and happiness. Gupta’s family witnessed happy days .

Without the insight of Seema , it would not be possible to build such a great business firm. Had she not thought of looking into her family , while she was on the success road at her career , Gupta family could not have got back its good days . Ravi realized his dream coming true and his daughter Seema driving his passion into reality.

Seema , being an Enterpreneur , a caring daughter , a responsible young girl , talented and skillful , made her family witness its heyday . There after , not a single morning did her thought haunt her . She could prove to herself that not only could the IITians , but every talented person with the zeal and passion could turn out to be successful.

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