Thursday 6 August 2020

Rishikesh Wankar

Rishikesh Wankar, is an aviator, has a craving to achieve huge amount of respect in his industry through his talent. He wants to become a pilot and to be an asset for his company. He has a good amount of knowledge about aviation industry and wants to be the leader in the same. He started up by joining Institute of Logistics and Aviation Management (ILAM) pursuing MBA in Aviation Management (currently in 2nd year of his course) and has completed Bachelors of Commerce from Nagpur.

While doing MBA, he has also completed a 3 day certification course of "Fundamentals of Drone Operations" as he has passion of operating a drone someday. 
He is an athelete since his school time, he won gold and silver medals in athletics tournament (interschool as well as intra) in Amravati. And has also played basketball at a national, state, divisional and district levels. He has been an enthusiast since childhood and now being an aviator he has that enthusiasm for aircrafts.

He is a multi tasker and a quick learner as he grabs the opportunity to learn and gain knowledge about the topics he is interested in. He has completed some courses of his interests like 30WPM Typing, GST Accounting ,Tally Course and Electric-loco Shed training. These can be added in his skills that may help the firm (he would be joining) in various aspects.

He was born and brought up in Amravati, did his graduation from Nagpur and is currently doing MBA course from Mumbai. His family member consists of his Mother, Father and a sister, who is pursuing  Bachelors in Science in Biotechnology, Nagpur. He is elder brother and hence the responsible one, while being caring and lovable and at the same time, passionate for his career. He is very good at communication and presentation skills while having a good dressing sense and knows how to present himself. A person with great patience while knowing how to manage time while prioritizing things.

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