Friday 21 August 2020

Vijayakumar M

Vijayakumar M was born On August 19 in year 1995. He  is from villiyanur, Pondicherry. He's persuing MBA from Algappa University. 

Vijayakumar  is excited to enter the Workforce with Vitality and ready to accept any challenge that's thrown he way.
Vijayakumar is a professional person heading forward in the field of marketing and operation management with great passion and enthusiasm. he firmly believes in the quote “Take a risk and keep testing, because what works today won't work tomorrow, but what worked yesterday may work again”. He  short term goal is to get hands on experience in marketing and operation field at your organisation and long term goal is to be ceo of coco cola by making full utilisation of he experience and management skills. He shows active participation as the core committee member for various events held at college. As a management student he is very comfortable with MS-office, MS- Word and has good command over english and Tamil language both  verbal and written aspects. He team building spirits and dedication towards his work make him stand out.
Vijayakumar have two years experience in Hindustan national glass and  industries limited and he wons the first price on project presentation. He’s  done on many projects in marketing and operation management. 

*Skills that vijayakumar Carries communication skill, leadership skill, team management, smart work in all projects, type writing  lower (distinction) and mechanical management.

*Projects  done by vijayakumar :
1. Recycling of e-waste using composite material
2. Aim project (association of intellectual manager)
3. New product development in business research method
4. Industry analysis in all industry
5. Business analysis in msme  (9 crore turnover meat shop)
6. Impact and opportunity in fmcg industry in after covid 19
7. 7p”s using developed a new business
8. Fish bone analysis
9. Brand war ( adidas vs nike)  
Experience – two years experience in HNGIL (Maintenance, production and  quality engineer) 

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