Friday 18 September 2020


Gokul is very much excited to enter the workforce with vitality and ready to overcome obstacles in his path.

Gokul is a professional person heading forward in the field of finance  with great passion and enthusiasm . He firmly believe in the quotes" Quitter never wins and winners never quit". His Short term goal is to hand on experience in finance field at your organisation and Long term goal is to be a finance manager by making Full utilisation of his experience and management skills. Until the date he has done one internship in vowels language solution as  project coordinator. He is a college student finance club union president and shows active participation in all the events held at the college .He is very comfortable with Ms- office and has good communication over English and Tamil languages in both verbal and written aspects. his team building sprit and dedication towards his work make his stand out. Gokul has won multiple competition in school and college.

 Skills of Gokul 

1. Communication skills

2. Leadership skills

3. Team Management







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