Tuesday 20 October 2020

Promote Your YouTube Videos On Social Media

How to Promote Your YouTube Videos On Social Media

Youtube Videos can wonder these days and on any YouTube Channel the most important element is to get in subscribers and views to reach many people and it will play a crucial role in making your video successful.

Promoting YouTube Videos On Social Media can be very easy and a few social media sites could include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin, and many more sites to increase the viewer rate on an everyday basis.

The 10 YouTube Social Media Strategies for Success

. Use #Hashtags

Hashtags play an important role on all the social media platforms and using a hashtag can increase the post reach at a drastic rate and once it reaches more people more people are likely to come and visit the Youtube Video.

2. Motivate Your Viewers To Share Your Videos 

We could mention on the social media handles to like share and comment on the youtube videos which can encourage more viewers to see the video since the viewers have shared the videos directly to them. For eg:-  tell them sharing is caring.

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3. Use Attractive Thumbnails

It’s important to use attractive thumbnails to grab the attention of the viewers and we could upload the thumbnails on social media mediums to grab the interest of the viewers.

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4. Build Excitement 

One of the best ways to promote Youtube Videos would be to build excitement among the viewers by uploading a small video with some great graphics or a trailer and ask them to catch the entire thing on the youtube video.


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5. Make Compelling Titles

Make Titles that instantly connect with the viewers and drive them to see the video. Keep it short simple and compelling.

6. Work With Other YouTubers

Working with other YouTubers and providing a glimpse of them on your social media handles can uplift the followers and various viewers to catch up the youtube videos and the other YouTubers may put u up on their social media handle and their viewers can be driven to your channel.  

7. Post unique promotional content on your Social Media Accounts

While promoting the Youtube videos one should keep in mind that the content is unique and catchy so that viewers roll their eyeballs instantly and click on the youtube video to watch it entirely.

8. Facebook

On Facebook we can particularly aim for putting short videos up and show a glimpse of our Youtube videos as the video engagement on Facebook is massive can attract the sedated viewers to the youtube channel.

9. Instagram 

Instagram can too play a crucial role in increasing the viewers and subscriber growth as we can attach the youtube link up in our bio and use the call to action in our posts to attract them towards our bio and then make them click on it.


Linkedin can play a huge role in getting in loyal viewers to the youtube channel as LinkedIn is a play people are looking to grow and uplift their skills and LinkedIn could help us get more clicks on video.

To sum up, Social can be a big boon when it comes to promoting the videos and can get a ton of viewers to the channel only if all of these 10 ways are considered and done consistently.                       

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