Sunday 24 January 2021

I'm your BF Learn Meaning of BF

 A little boy said to a little girl:

- I'm your BF!

The little girl asked:

- What is BF?

The boy laughed and answered:

- That means Best Friend.

They later dated, the young man said to the girl:

- I am your BF!

The girl leaned lightly on the boy's shoulder, shyly asked:

- What is BF?

The boy replied:

- It's Boy Friend!

A few years later they got married, had lovely children, and the husband smiled again and told his wife:

- I am your BF!

The wife gently asked her husband:

- What is BF?

The husband looked at the lovely and happy children and replied:

- It's Baby's father!

As they get old, they sit together and watch the sunset on the front porch, and the old man tells his wife:

- Honey! I am your BF!

The old woman smiled with wrinkles on her face:

- What is BF?

The old man smiled happily and gave a mysterious answer:

- Be Forever!

When the dying old man also said:

- I can BF.

The old woman replied with a sad voice:

- What is BF ??

The old man answered and then closed his eyes:

- It's Bye Forever!

A few days later, the old woman also passed away. Before closing her eyes, the old woman whispered by the old man's grave:

- Beside Forever ❤️

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