Thursday 17 November 2022

Seasons of Massive Layoff Silicon Valley

Is this a Seasons of Massive Layoff   Silicon Valley is not happy with the performance of many employees.

Seasons of Layoff!











It seems that Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai is not happy with the performance of many employees.

The executive held a meeting and warned its employees to work efficiently and focus more on how to better improve their products and help customers.

Pichai believes that productivity is missing and it is not where it should be considering the number of people Google has. This basically suggests that the CEO feels that Google has too many employees, but not a lot of them work efficiently and are focused.


It’s the season of layoffs. The world is stunned to see big techs such as Meta and Twitter sacking employees, but the Indian startup world too has had its share of bad news. Add to this the absolutely low level of empathy shown by the companies while handling such situations. Take the case of a recent sacking by one of the leading edtech players in India. The staff alleged that the company resorted to unethical means forcing them to sign pre-drafted resignation letters. As if this was not enough, the company also hired bouncers to handle any untoward situation as workers were suddenly asked to leave.

A Better, Fairer Approach to Layoffs 

Layoffs can cause employees to feel they've lost control: The fate of their peers sends a message that hard work and good performance do not guarantee 

It's the season of layoffs in Silicon Valley  

It's the season of layoffs in Silicon Valley: 

 Facebook parent Meta Platforms Inc is the latest ...

You're fired! Layoff crisis getting out of control at unicorns in

It's the season of layoffs. The world is stunned to see ... 

The sacking of employees has happened in multiple tranches throughout the year.

What a Layoff Means, Plus Statistics and an Example

A layoff occurs when an employer suspends or terminates a worker, either temporarily or permanently, for business rather than performance reasons.

13 Reasons for Layoffs Within an Organization 

Career development

Layoff / Laid off and Retrenchment- Definitions - Rule Position

Layoff of employees does not mean that they are terminated from the job, such employees could be reinstated after revivifying of deficit or shortages which ...

So you have experienced people who are making a lot of money because they have gotten ... 

Employer is not happy with their current performance/attitude, ...

Companies can (and do) layoff (key) people for various reasons: 1. To allay investor / shareholder ...

Why do companies do mass layoffs?

Now, Electrolux cuts 4000 jobs worldwide amid heavy losses

Layoff season: Now, Electrolux cuts 4,000 jobs worldwide amid heavy losses. The company reported heavy losses, especially in North America

Genuine empathy need of the hour as layoff season arrives

Fuelled by VC money, most founders are guilty of hiring aggressively by unabashedly embracing the 

“Go Big or Go Home” philosophy. 

Meta Lays Off 11,000 Employees While Redfin Cuts


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