Wednesday 1 February 2023

Create a System of Dialogue

 ✌ With great power comes great responsibility’’ Create a System of Dialogue

Some key points Dr Aquil Busrai mentoring session on performance management.

·      ✨ How is performance appraisal impacting you? When you are being assessed? How do you manage the process? When do you assess somebody else?✨
We must understand both aspects of getting appraised and conducting an appraisal for others. If you look at the performance appraisal cycle
There is a lot of nervousness in the team before the appraisal and the bosses enjoy that power and feel powerful.
However, if we notice objectively. Those who think of themselves as powerful are not respected but feared.
And then there are some bosses whom we come across that are respected even after they leave the organization
Why do these behaviors happen?
When you respect somebody, you want to do
something extra for them. As compared to the other boss whom you are afraid of.
So, what makes the difference?
✌Respect is the differentiator.✌
✨   HR and other leaders should rely on empirical data
and anecdotal data ✨
What's the difference? Empirical data is something that can be measured suppose the goal is to increase sales by 10%. The employee
increased sales by 9.2%
And anecdotes are evidence of good work like recollecting anecdotal evidence of when did the employee step up during a
critical time and take extra Responsibilities?
✌People are not afraid when performance is not assessed based on perception but on empirical, and evidence.✌
✨ To avoid the recency effect in appraisals, a logbook
should be kept. Every time you do something good note it down now or if you committed some mistakes make a note of It.✨
Dr Aquil Busrai says he has never done annual appraisals for his team members till the time he got retired. When he says he has not done an annual appraisal ✌because his goal was quarterly dialogues with the team members ✌ Of course, he updated the system regularly. All his team members were spread across the globe. And every quarter they meet. He would ask his team members, where are you stuck? What can I do to help you succeed?
Now you might be surprised that this doesn't sound like a real appraisal.
Now comes the part of whether I did an appraisal or not.
Obviously, I had to do it. 👑 But the only difference was that it was not the annual appraisal, it was the fourth dialogue with my team. My team, no surprises. Just the fourth dialogue.✌
👑 Create a system of dialogue. 👑

Everyone needs an opportunity and sometimes
opportunities come, and sometimes they don't.

😀 It is mandatory to create a dialogue system in the organization so that everyone is given an opportunity. 😀

Garima Pandey


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