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India has been a Land of Babas and So Called Gurus. Since time immemorial, these Babas or Sadhus were a main part of Indian Society. We have read of Valmiki who wrote Ramayana, Parshuram who’s Bow was snapped by Lord Rama in Sita’s Swayamvar. We also had great Saints like Sri Aurobindo, Sant Kabir, Adi Shankaracharya, Lord Buddha, Sant Surdas, Goswami Tulsidas, Mira Bai, Sai Baba of Shirdi, Swami Vivekanand etc.

While the above Sadhus adorned India in the past and our History is rich with them, we also have modern day Sadhus like Baba Ramdev, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Mata Amritanandamayi, Asaram Bapu, Late Sathya Sai Baba etc. and many many more. While they enjoy the same Distinction, yet their intentions, Lifestyle and acts are totally different from our yersteryear Saints.

Actually its not proper to call our modern-day Sadhus ‘Saints’ anymore. The best they can be referred to is ‘India’s Crazy Gurus’. 

No matter how much educated we become, no matter what Position we attain in Society, 99% of Indians are God-fearing. We believe in God, in some form or the other, and attach ourselves to anything which helps us reaffirm our Faith in the Almighty. Also, we all suffer from a disturbed and disoriented Life and want to seek a Solution for the same. If we don’t find the Solution within ourselves or from our People, we turn to God for help. Since, we cannot hear him talk to us, we turn to the so-called 'Godmen' who claim to solve all our Problems on behalf of the God.

So much disturbed are we, that we cling on to them as Bee to a Flower and just like we Devote ourselves to God, we Devote ourselves to them too. Our rational thinking comes down to Zero and we start believing them more than anything else in the World.

I am not saying whether this is Right or Wrong as different People have different Faiths. But, these so-called Godmen who are actually Humans like you and me, take advantage of this undying Faith and start Cashing-in on them.

Now here, I don’t want to help people form their Opinions about these Modern-day Babas. My Focus here would be the amazing Management ability they possess with / without any Formal Education in Management and what we all, in Business World, need to learn from them, if we want to survive in this Recession-driven World. When we compare these Crazy Gurus to our Sober Professors in Colleges, there are many factors which our Crazy Gurus are better at.

I will List here some Qualities which they possess which makes them Good Businessmen and ability to have Empires from Rs 1,000 Crore to Rs 40,000 Crore and more:

a) Good Orator: They all are Good Orators. If anybody starts listening to them, it is very difficult to think about anything else till they are on. Their Speeches have amazing grasping Power. Their listeners are not some 100 Students in a Classroom, but around Thousands in their Ashrams and Lakhs Worldwide. Even much more than most powerful Indian Politicians.  

b) Catching the Nerves: They know what People want to listen to and talk mostly around that. Even though they beat around the Bush thereafter, but listeners get a feeling that this Person understands him/her.

c) Cashing on Faith: They attract huge Donations on account of Faith. There is no forcing but People give it willingly as they think it will solve their Problems. So, these Godmen are never short of Cash.

d) Basic Investments: The Investments which they make initially are close to nil as they don’t need plush Offices or Designer Clothes to show off. They can get them later. Public should get a feeling that they are real Saints or some Avatar of God. So, not much Cost involved too.

e) Whatever they build after that is a result of people’s Donations and they claim everything is for the betterment of the Society.

f) Selling the Dream: They sell the Dream to Followers which nobody else does. It is not a Dream to have a lavish Lifestyle but a Dream for a Happy and satisfying Life which everybody craves for but can never get.

g) Differentiation: They give cure for various Diseases through Ayurveda and Yoga which are very much Indian Heritages but people have lost touch with them. They even claim to solve issues in personal Lives (which we can solve ourselves too, but don’t), perform Magic activities (which are just Illusions) which amaze everyone. Thus they attract big Crowds from the poorest of Poors to the richest of Riches.

h) Good Marketing: These Godmen have their Agents everywhere to spread their Word and bring people. The Agents listen to people’s problems and ask them to meet the Baba who will solve their issues. They also get Good Media attentions.

i) Spreading the Business: After they amass a lot of Wealth, in order to Save themselves from the Indian Tax Authorities, they turn the Business from Black to White by opening more Ashrams, NGOs, Private Funds, Retail Shops, Mandir Trusts, Colleges, Hospitals and making huge Monies from them.

Our Crazy Gurus of India give us a much better understanding of the Business World than our Sober Professors if we want to just Learn from them. It is much beyond what our Classroom Training Teaches us and just by observing them, we can get to know a lot of Management Lessons. They can actually Teach you to Make Money for Survive in the Great Global Recession.

Indian guru's hoarded riches raise doubts over Charitable works  Thousands of Followers around the world believed the Indian guru Sai Baba was a Living God, but since his death it has emerged that the fortunes people donated to him were not all invested in good works.

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