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1. Who is a Crazy Guru ?

Crazy Guru is a person who is a friend , a guide and a well wisher of a Student.
He is not a Professor of any top B-School or Engineering school. 

2. How can Crazy Guru help a student in his career ?
The main motto of Crazy Guru is to provide all sort of help to students for their 
career. He guides the students by providing information related to B-schools , 
engineering colleges , Top Universities across the Globe.

3. Is Crazy Guru a career counsellor ?
Crazy Guru is neither a career counsellor nor a consultant. His main aim is to 
proivde the students with a platform where they can freely get their free career 
advice thorugh the blogs of Crazy Guru which contains updated information on every 
aspects of Career Growth.

4. What does Crazy Guru do ?
Crazy Guru gives more importance to the practical aspects of the studies. He 
doesn't believe in the traditional methods of Study by the Sober Professors of the 
various Institutions or Universities.

5. Why is Crazy Guru serving students for free ?

Crazy Guru is a friend ,a well wisher of Students . Crazy Guru wants the students  to learn smart working rather than hard working. Today's employer take advantage at the name of Global Recession and let hte students down of what they deserve. But now , no worries, You have Crazy Gurus with you who'll help you out by his Crazy ideas and funny ways to avoid recession.

6. How can I meet Crazy Guru ?
Crazy Guru is available for the students anytime, anywhere or say everytime everywhere. You can visit him through his online diaries , blogs and websites.

7. What does Crazy Guru fell about Global Recession ?
Crazy Guru believes that Global recession doesn't mean no money. It means " Lots 
of work and less money. " Also he says that Global Recession is more in the 
mindsets of People rather than the actual fact. Global recession has proved 
advantageous to many smart employers and enterpreneurs.
8. What according to Crazy Gurus are the Management Professors ?

For Crazy Guru , A Professor Can Teach You How to Dress Well and Talk Big Figures 
but never makes you learn how to Monetize Your Work which Means No Productivity. 
Instead , Crazy Guru believes in Monetizing your each work by Crazy TakeOffs .
Crazy Guru believes that a Golgapppa wala ( http://golgapppa.com/ ) can make you learn how to earn money in a day more than a Sober Professor can do.

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