Saturday 23 November 2013

Who is Crazy Gurus Who is Sober Professors

Who is 
Crazy Gurus  
Who is 
Sober Professors

Sober Professors
Can Teach You How to Dress Well and Talk Big Figures 
No Monetize Your Work
Means No Productivity 

Crazy Gurus 
Can Teach You How to Monetize Your Work
Means Productivity  

Crazy Gurus  have Big Dreams;
Sober Professorss have Big schemes.

Crazy Gurus  good in Crazy TakeOff;
Sober Professorss have Safe Landings .

Crazy Gurus  see the Grains;
Sober Professorss see only the Pain.

Crazy Gurus  see the Potential;
Sober Professorss see the Past.

Crazy Gurus  make it Happen;
Sober Professorss Let it Happen.

Crazy Gurus  see Possibilities;
Sober Professorss see Problems.

Crazy Gurus  makes Commitments;
Sober Professorss makes Promises.

Crazy Gurus  are a part of the Team;
Sober Professorss are apart from the Team.

Crazy Gurus   always has a Programme;
Sober Professorss always has an Excuse.

Crazy Gurus   says "Let me do it for You";
Sober Professorss says "That is not my Job".

Crazy Gurus  say "I must do Something";
Sober Professorss say "Something must be Done".

Crazy Gurus   is always a part of the Answer;
Sober Professorss is always a part of the Problem.

Crazy Gurus   sees an answer for every Problem;
Sober Professorss sees a Problem for every Answer.

Crazy Gurus  believe in Win / Win;
Sober Professorss believe for Them to win, someone has to Lose.

Crazy Gurus   says "It may be Difficult but it is Possible";
Sober Professorss says "It may be Possible but it is too Difficult".

Crazy Gurus   makes a mistake. he says "I was wrong";
Sober Professorss makes a mistake, he says "It wasn't my Fault". ... »

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Crazy Gurus

What is 
The Reason for the Great Global Recession ?

Crazy Guru  Can Teach You Better in the Great Global Recession ?
Not a 

Sober Professor

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