Thursday 22 March 2018


Crazy Guru
Baba Followers
Scopes in Babagiri
Impact of Baba's
Education of Baba's
Scams by Baba's
Tax free income of Baba's
Property of Baba's

The stories of many a spiritual Guru in India would make for cracking comedy if it weren’t for the Tragedy of real 

masses of converts being swindled in broad daylight, mostly of their own Volition.
The Stringent caste based society, the Multicultural diversity,the cynical attitude towards real problems of our 

society and the inherent mental Handicap to accept the reality of life is what gives these Baba's an upper hand 

to swindle the masses time and again. This will continue to happen even in future.
These Baba's are no different than Politicians, only the approach is different.
Its time to Educate ourselves on emotional Intelligence, learn some good things from other Cultures, evolve our mindset while its still not too late and stop believing in Miracles.

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