Monday, 11 March 2019

Be A Successful CEO

Difference Between a Working Professionals And an UnEmployed Professionals

Professionals Only Mindset matters. Due to Global Recession many Qualified    Professionals are not getting suitable Jobs. Professionals Think they are too  Big for some small Jobs But may be They are too Small for some Big Jobs.

Working Professional have Big Confidence ;
UnEmployed Professionals have Big Guilty.

Working Professional have Big Dreams;
UnEmployed Professionals have Big Schemes But No Work.

Working Professional have Big Goals;
UnEmployed Professionals have Big Loans

Global Recession is an Opportunity for Working Professionals;
Global Recession is an  Excuse for UnEmployed Professionals

Working Professional Enjoy Talking and Going Out;
UnEmployed Professionals do not Enjoy Talking and stay Home

Working Professional Good in Speed;
UnEmployed Professionals Good in  Excuses .

Working Professional see Possibilities;
UnEmployed Professionals see Problems.

Working Professional can Makes Commitments;
UnEmployed  Professionals can't even makes Promises.

Working Professionals are a part of the Winning Team;
UnEmployed Professionals are Apart from the Team.

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