Friday 12 July 2019

Chasing Dreams: Story of Arya


A girl named Arya lived in a small and beautiful village Ramatai.
Arya’s dream was to become a doctor and provide all the facilities to her village so that no one has to go a long way for their treatment.
As there were no hospitals at that time in her village. At the age of 18, girls have to get married in her village. Girls were not allowed to
get education more than 10th or 12th grade. But Arya was different, her parents also supported her dreams. As she was pursuing her
medical course, the political party of that village arranged a meeting and called her parents and told them that they have to stop their girl
from getting further education and get her married in a month. Her parents decided to send her to the city for further education.
When she was about to catch her bus to the city, she got caught by her village people. She was so upset that she failed in
stepping further for her dreams. Her grandmother found a boy for her to get married. Only 2 days left for her marriage,
she planned to run away from her marriage and went to the city. She also wrote a note to her parents.
She went to pursue her dreams.

Now after 15 years, she is one of the highly educated girls from her village and a proud doctor. She has opened 2 hospitals in
her village. All the villagers are praising her now. She struggled a lot to achieve her dreams but not only she achieved
her dreams, but she also stopped girls from getting married in younger age. Now the rules in her village changed,
every girl can pursue her dream and get higher education in the field of her choice.


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