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How to Turn Defeat Into Victory

How to Turn Defeat Into Victory When we have made a mistake and suffered a defeat what we do is now up to us, we can live in that defeat or we can by God’s grace learn from it and go on. Though we should never seek to fail, failure can be a backdoor to success if we are willing to seek the forgiveness of God and deal with our sin in the way that God has prescribed. To Turn Defeats Into Victories We Need To Remember That God Never Forsakes His Children No Matter How They Fail Him The recently departed executive editor of the New York Times says “You know the sting of losing. When that happens, show what you are made of,” a powerful mantra for anyone getting back on their feet. By Bear Grylls15 July 2016 The truth is there is no such thing as failure. In fact, with the right attitude, repeated flops make success inevitable To turn defeat into victory there must be zeal within the person , there must be encouragement of do or die . Without any enthusiasm no one can change the defeat or their failure is assured. Some tips to change failure into success-: 1. Never Quit Quiting is the 1st option which people see after the lost. But its not seem to be the good idea , if your dream is big . 2. Repeated Practices "Practice makes perfect" (Practicing or repeatedly doing something will make one become proficient or skillful at it.). Also "practice what (one) preaches"( To do the things or behave the way that one advises, dictates, or espouses). 3. Enhanced Performance Due to above two practices which results in enhanced performance of an individual. Here are 6 famous people, all hallmarks of success, who turned their failure into triumph. 1. Walt Disney An editor at one of Walt Disney’s first animation jobs told him that he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” What most people don’t know is that he also drove his first animation studio bankrupt in pursuit of his dreams. His passion for animation kept his dream alive until he eventually created Mickey Mouse. Disney is quoted as saying that, “The difference between winning and losing is simply not quitting.” 2. Oprah Winfrey An iconic figure and one of the most successful women in the world, Oprah endured a challenging life as a child and later experienced numerous setbacks in her career. One memorable example was when she was fired from her job as a television reporter because she was “unfit for TV.” Pretty ironic, as most of her wealth has been created through her extremely popular show. Oprah only continues reaching new heights in her career, currently standing with a net worth of $3.2 billion. When asked about failure, she says, “Failure is another stepping stone to greatness.” 3. Sir Richard Branson Creator of the Virgin group, Branson was dyslexic and had a poor academic career, but had a life-long dream of being an entrepreneur. He started his record business from a church, where he ran his first business venture called Student, a magazine that later turned into a record label and a net worth of $5 billion. He is quoted as saying, “There is no point in starting your own business unless you do it out of a sense of frustration." 4. Steve Jobs Born to parents that put him up for adoption, and then later notoriously dropping out of college, Steve never lost sight of his vision, even after getting kicked out of his own company. Determined to put out the products he knew were possible, Steve revived Apple at the verge of bankruptcy to create an industry-changing brand and product. In pursuing your dreams, Jobs says, “Don’t let the voice of others drown out your own inner voice.” 5. J.K. Rowling The turmoil ensuing the death of her mother, birth of her first child, divorce from her first husband, and relative poverty, gave rise to Harry Potter - the best-selling book series in history.Looking back, Rowling described her failure as “liberating” and that it allowed her to focus on writing. 6. Vera Wang Vera Wang began a career in fashion as a result of failing to make the U.S. Olympic figure skating team. After realizing that she wouldn’t be able to advance further as an editor at Vogue, she leftIno build her own retail empire worth over $1 billion. In one interview, Vera shares, “People have done far better than me in far shorter periods of time, but that wasn’t my story. It was brick by brick, client by client, store by store. It’s been a trip of passion, but it has not been a quick trip. Nor has it been easy. And that is the truth.” The road to success is a challenging one indeed. There are obstacles, hardships, limitations, and struggles that must be endured to finally achieve your goals. But what do all the successful entrepreneurs, TV hosts, and inventors above have in common? They didn’t give up

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