Wednesday 24 July 2019

Make Your Home Beautiful

Imagine you are in a garden full of flowers where birds are whistling , you are hearing sound of water bubbles . Don’t you feel all these soothing ? Your answer will be definitely ‘Yes’ . Than why don’t you put a little effort to convert our ‘Houses’ in beautiful ‘Homes’ ? Beautiful home does’nt only mean big bunglow , house full of huge furniture or a house made with glasses . But you can create your own place beautiful rather than looking for a beautiful place .
Even if you go paradise you will miss home . It is not necessary to get a interior designer to decorate your place you are designer of your own house . Lets come out to the tips for ‘Beautiful home’
1.           Adding a little fragnance – Fragnance like rose, lavender , jasmine soothe your senses . Make your own room perfumes or buy it to soothe your senses.
2.          Arrangement – Before bringing something new to your home remember to arrange all the things already that you have , you can go for shelves that are available on reasonable rates online , they are cool and attractive .
3.           Be creative – I have always been decorating my home with my arts and crafts . This also makes me happy from inside .
4.           Use more green – Keep baby plants on dinning table , hanging flower pots in rooms , artificial grass in balcony , this will make your home beautiful . Researches also found that its more healthy to look green for your eyes rather than red .
5.           Vaastu – Going according to Vaastu brings luck  and happiness , although it is depended on beliefs too .
6.           Recycle , Remove , Reuse – Remove everything you are’nt using , try to recycle old stuff for decoration and for other purposes , this will also reduce the waste .
7.           It isn’t necessary to spend a lot on home decor , use your mind , keep making changes in your home just like me this brings new look each time .
Also keep in mind regarding the curtains you use , try to use contrast  one rather than using the colour of the walls . Keep looking trendy stuff for your home , keep a check on DIY ideas for making your home beautiful .
Make your home like a kingdom where you are the king/queen living . Also try to have deep cleaning of the home which is necessary for the hygiene .
Along with the physical appreance of the home believe in mental peace of your home too . Keep home in peace and healthy atmosphere . Keeping a tortoise , fish are meant as good luck . If want to avoid pets keep a artificial tortoise in a small bowl of water , it bring luck according to Vaastu .

Remember the beauty of home comes from within .  Add photo frames of your loved once to remind yourself that ‘They are the actual beauty of your home’ without them heaven could be hell for you . Take help of every member in your family to “Make your home beautiful “. 

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