Wednesday 3 July 2019



 When we were a child, We were happy. We never cared about life, we were simply enjoying our life. That was our basic nature at that time. But as we grow up, we tend to forget about happiness and just do stupid things in that thinking that these things will make us a happier person.

“Joy is a Natural Phenomenon, Misery is your Creation.”  

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Abhi. Abhi belongs to a middle-class family. As a son, he wants to do everything that makes his parents happier. Whether it’s about coming the first rank in a school or giving a millionaire's life to his parents. He thought giving a luxurious life to his parents would make them happier. Abhi also has one brother who is a year younger than him. His brother, Adam also wants his parents to be the happiest person in this world. But Adam was a different kind of guy who believed that living a simple life would make his parents happier. Adam takes great care of his parents. Even though he earns less, but he provided everything to his parents. Meanwhile, Abhi went for higher studies to another country for earning money that would give a luxurious life to his parents. Both brothers want to see their parents happier, but their way of thinking towards life was different.
Abhi did not succeed in one of the exams that would give him a good job. He returned to his home. He was so sad that he did not get to clear this exam and lost a chance to give his parents a happy life. His parents were also sad to see him upset. Adam decided to talk to Abhi about it. In the night, they both were sitting on the couch. Adam said to Abhi, “I know that this was your dream to give our parents a happy life. But as you can see that when our parents see us sad they also get sad. Money can help us buy things, but it will never give us a happy life. We can only fulfill our desires through money. Maybe there are so many rich people who own luxury cars, homes, but there are still finding happiness. We can live a simple life, earns less and we can still be happy. Happiness does not come from materialistic things it comes from within. Happiness is when you’re with your family, friends and doing small things.” At that moment, Abhi cried and hugged Adam. From that day onward, they were living a happier and simple life.
The creator has given this life to us for once. We chase things to make us happy. But it simply comes from within. “Babu Moshaye, Zindagi Khushi waali Honi chahiye Na ki har baat pe rone waali.” So explore yourself and be happy with what you have. We often compare our lives to those who we think are ahead of us and we never compare our lives to them who are below in the status or standards. We always wanted more and more in this life. We go for a small fish, but in the end, we want a large fish. So stop living a trapped life, it is better to explore yourself in every dimension of life.

When you will read this article, I hope that you will think seriously (not damn seriously) about what really matters to you. Also, just look in the mirror and smile. Just hug someone who matters to you a lot and says to yourself that you are happy. 
Be Happy, 
Keep smiling :)

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