Saturday 11 April 2020



Each and every person have some dream and they think that one day their dreams come true. Someone dream that they will be an engineer, doctor, filmmaker, celebrity, pilot and something other which they have heard from somewhere and have seen in any videos and in any movies. But the question is how to achieve that target smartly, Because if the dream is big the way to achieve it is full of difficulty, hard work and most noticeable time-consuming. So how to plan our dream that one day that day come when dream job or dreamwork will come true, and it will not going to fulfill until you won’t wark smartly rather than smartly. So setting goals and some rules is the 1st step towards the fulfillment of the dream. Here are some setting goals are here that a dreamer should have to follow if one seriously wants to achieve it.

  1. Be Selective 
While choosing a dream to be selective because a single mistake can ruin your career, So be specific while choosing your dream to google it out and noted it down and then think which job do you like most, are you interested for it, Is it making you feel happy to do or what the motive to choose this particular job, Is it a high paying job or it will make you famous or it will make you satisfy, find the reason and then go through it.
1st step or you can say 1st rule make you able to find a good career decision and when it will search it out mind will be explored and new and genuine facts come to you that what challenges come to make it happen.

  1. Believe in your decision
 Now 2nd smartness a dreamer should show is that whatever dream you have in mind lets believe your decision is right and you can do it at any cost. Self believes gives you self motivation and you feel energetic to do it, you will not feel bored to do it. So let’s start to believe in your self, keep yourself enthusiastic, fight against fear to which stop you to do their job.

  1. Be focused
This is a little bit similar to believe in your decision, sometimes it happens that people change their decision frequently, some time pupils think they would be a doctor some time their mind changes and they think that they will be pilots and any other. As a result of their time waste. Hence always be focused on your dream, because every big dream has its own fantasy and most important you are not perfect for everything so choose your favorite one and work on it without changing your mind.

  1. Convert your dream into smart action 
Until you will not work your dream is not going to true. But now you will not have to work only have to plan and work it cleverly. Otherwise, it will take time and patience of bearing the failure will reduce. In short, make a plan which things should be done and eliminate which thing not should be done because the elimination technique gives you a fast result like for achieving your dream avoid your all that habit which prevents you from fulfilling your dream. Schedule your study time, revise it regularly and practically execute it for better understanding.

  1.  Be positive and don’t afraid to fail
Always stay happy and be positive. Sometime you will fail but the smart people not afraid of that but learn from their mistakes and try that it will not happen again. So never give up and fight again and again to achieve your dream. Negative thought always demoralizes you but positive thought makes you happy and gives you courage and strength to succeed in your dream job.

These are only a few tips here which help a dreamer to stay positive to complete their big dream and succeed in life.


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