Saturday 11 April 2020


- Afreen Yousef

Winners don't do different things
They do things differently.                                           Steve Jobs

According to me Attitude is how you see things, how you think and how you behave.
Our behaviour determines our success. It is very important to have optimistic frame of mind about your dreams and about your abilities. You should always believe in yourself and first you should know yourself and should trust yourself and whatever music you face let that be because you know yourself and no one can judge you when you have that inner enlightenment. 
Your attitude should complement your goals and you shouldn't make it your enemy by thinking pessimistically. Always remember the success stories you hear, all have had a positive frame of mind towards their goals and eventually they succeeded.
If you don't have knowledge, it's totally fine all you need to have is a positive attitude and your life will turn upside down. The successful people who rule the world like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg all they had was belief in themselves, a burning desire and a positive attitude that they can win and look how their positive frame of minds have led them. They are the real heroes from whom everyone gets inspired but very few people do something differently. 
I believe we all should live our life in harmony with principles like patience, humility, honesty, integrity etc so that we can win. 
It is well said "work hard in silence and let your success make the noise" But have a positive frame of mind and always believe in yourself and never give up.

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