Saturday 11 April 2020

Manage Your Environment: Go First Class

Manage your environment: Go first class                                                                                                   -Debasmita Das

 The first part of success is to have the mind set
on being driven towards it. It requires a great deal of time and effort to make the dream, a reality.  Environment shapes us, makes us think the way we do. Try to name just one habit or one mannerism you have that you did not pick up from other people. Relatively minor things, like the way we walk, cough, hold a cup; our preferences for music, literature, entertainment, clothing - all stem in a very large part from our environment.
Negativity is everywhere. Some negativity inducers, are well-meaning folks. But others are jealous people who, not moving ahead themselves, want you to stumble too. They feel inadequate themselves, so the want to make a mediocre person out of you.
Be extra careful. Study negativity inducers. Don't let them destroy your plans for success.
Here are a few simple "do's" to help make your social environment first class:
1) Do circulate in new groups. Restricting your social environment to the same small group produces boredom, dullness, dissatisfaction; equally important, remember that your success-building program requires that you become an expert in understanding people.
Make new friends, join new organizations, enlarge your social orbit. Then too, variety in people, like variety in anything else, adds spice to life and gives it a broader dimension. It's good mind food.
2) Do select friends who have views different from your own. In this modern age, the narrow individual hasn't much future. Responsibility and positions of importance gravitate to the person who is able to see both sides. Get to know people of different religious faiths. Associate with opposites. But just be sure they are persons with real potential.
3) Do select friends who stand above petty, unimportant things. Guard your psychological environment. Select friends who are interested in positive things, friends who really do want to see you succeed. Find friends who breathe encouragement into your plans and ideals. If you don't, if you select petty thinkers as your close friends, you'll gradually develop into a petty thinker yourself.
British Airways uses an intelligent ‘Know Me’ feature to provide personalized search results to customers. In this impressive big data case study, BA identified that their customer base largely consists of busy, time-pressed professionals who require fast, concise results. Therefore, ‘Know Me’ uses in-depth data analysis to provide relevant and targeted offers for their consideration. BA received a huge amount of positive feedback from clients who loved the fact that the company understood their travel needs. The airlines are using the enormous data available to them to make it a favourable business environment for them.
People who tell you 'it cannot be done' always are almost unsuccessful people, opinions of these people can be poison. Defend yourself against the influence of such people.

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