Sunday 12 April 2020

Family Reunion- A Vital cog amidst the corona outbreak

Family Reunion- A Vital cog amidst the corona outbreak
Utsa Mukherjee  Manager HR Aircrews Aviation Pvt Ltd

As humankind has been dealt a catastrophic blow due to this pandemic, we have nevertheless able to bridge the gaps of familial ties that have separated us in this tumultuous situation. As the famous scientist Einstein had quoted in the past “rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life!”, this has become momentous in our lives more than ever. As we near the situation of complete lockdown and come out of the fast-paced life of globalisation, it becomes imperative for us to be able to reciprocate the concept of “social solidarity” on a macro level. Perhaps, one of the bearing in this entire sphere is the binary of familial ties that have co-existed for a greater part within our families as an amorphous being. Over the media doctors and other medical professionals have been honking on the importance of staying in quarantine as part of a necessary step to keep a lid on the spread of this virus. According to doctor Bo home quarantine and isolation would be very effective in 2 ways – reducing the spread of infection, as well as reducing the pressure on limited healthcare facilities.
Re-tracing the stairs of our history, we can find that the eccentricity that family had created; existed in the vivid corners of our lives. Yet, humankind has been not receptible to the platonic functioning that had existed within the families. Perhaps, this is the most important realisation that has dawned upon us as a means of lockdown. The most reasonable sect that had always longed upon this form of a reunion were the students, teachers, labourers and workers who have always left behind their families far behind. This section of the society has always traversed a lot of distance to be with their families to be on important occasions. However, many times it has been seen that they were unable to be near their kin in times of need just because of circumstantial pressures. Psychologists have pondered over this thing and have said that with the growing space in between the human psyche, for the first time we can rise above from the slumbers of the virtual world that has tempted us in many capricious ways. These alluring features has led to this isolation from our families that can be built over now. We can go back to those perpetual talks over the balconies of our houses that are always reverberating in our minds as something of our distance memories. Going for household chores and doing a shared labour at home may also help us in bonding. If we lend a hand in these works, we may be able to enter the esoteric space that exists within the milieu of our society. Through the discussions within our families we relay the ideas of a world outside the illicit compartmentalised concepts to them as well. Maybe, this in a long run helps to end the gap that exists in the compass of thinking and the promulgation of the ideas that the third world countries particularly suffer from. Also, in terms of globalisation maybe this will help us in realising the “corporate social responsibility” that we have towards one giant global family, that is itself under threat.

To summarise the essence of the topic, we can say that family reunion is the last piece in the jigsaw of a complex and a smooth functioning society. We should cherish the moment that we have earned as a matter of this lockdown which will remain in the corner of our minds for many miles to go. This fluidity of the society might help us to function more efficiently, once these invisible constraints that exists in the minds go away. Then, we can truly be efficient in all walks of life. 

Utsa Mukherjee  [MBA HR]
Manager HR
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