Wednesday 29 April 2020

Lockdown: Birth of New Habits

Lockdown: Birth of New Habits
We all are well aware of the current situation of the Coronavirus pandemic. Lockdown is imposed not only in India but almost all over the globe. Not everyone is enjoying the lockdown period and hence the question arises, ‘what to do?’ People are not only suffering from boredom but some are also torturing themselves by overthinking which leads to depression, anxiety and other mental problems. Rather than engaging into these activities which attract negativity and make the situation whole lot worst, it is advisable to use this time for self-love and betterment of the society. People are willing to leave their house as soon as possible and I’m sure nobody would like someone taunting them of the ‘extra lockdown weight gain.’ To avoid any such moment after lockdown, people can start working out at home. There are ample number of YouTube videos and fitness apps available to get you in shape. I believe this is the best time for a fitness freaks to get the body they desire to have. People can also give more attention to their skin. It is a great time when our skin can revive itself as during lockdown it is not exposed to sunlight, dirt or pollution. Homemade facemasks could actually do a trick or two in helping your skin fight all the impurities. It’s also a great time to let the inner chef in you come out with flying colours. Foodies can cook whatever they crave for with healthy ingredients. By this you eat healthy that too of your choice. Animal lovers can come out to be the saviors of stray animals. Cooking extra chapattis and feeding them those might help them survive this situation and not die of hunger.
There have been times when you used to drive back home from work and think about doing something, one day when you get time. This is that time. Ever thought of cleaning that old cupboard, start painting, learn how to play guitar? This is the time. You can get even more creative by dying some old t-shirt or creating memes for your close friends. These are a few ways to pass time.
Following your hobby or passion while being at home is good but one should not forget to practice the work he used to do when everything was normal and follow a normal routine. I would like to explain this through a story.
Once there was a village. The farmers of the village got into a spat with Indra deva. The angry Indra deva decided that we would make the farmers suffer for their actions. Indra deva announced that he won’t rain the area for 12 years. The farmers got upset and were worried about their families. The farmers then tried of convincing Indra but he did not change his decision but said, “If lord Shiva plays his damroo then it will rain.” The farmers then started praying to lord Shiva. Indra was clever and asked lord Shiva to say that he will play the damroo but after 12 years. When the farmers approached lord Shiva, he said as he was told to say by Indra. All the farmers got disheartened and went back to their home but one of them started working on his field. Everyone started laughing at him and made fun of him. On being asked why he is working on his field now when the rain will come after 12 years then he humbly replied,” 12 years is a lot of time and I do not want to forget how to work on field. I will practice every day so that when the time comes I can work efficiently.” He worked with all his heart. Goddess Parvati noticed the hardworking man and got an idea. Later when she met with Lord Shiva she told him about the man and how he was practicing working on the field so that he do not forget how to work on the field. Goddess Parvati suggested Lord Shiva that even he should practice how to play damroo so that he does not forget how to play it. Innocent Shiva got tensed and started playing damroo to see if he could play it. As soon as Shiva played his damroo, it rained. The farmer working on his field rejoiced as his hard work did not go into vain.
By this story we understand that we need to keep practicing our daily work chores so that in times of need we do not become inefficient. These times are tough but not forever. The phrase, ’this too shall pass’ is our only hope and until it passes we should make best of this time.

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