Saturday 11 April 2020

Motivation During Difficult Times [ Covid19]

Motivation During Difficult Times [ Covid19] 
-Debasmita Das HR

People are our biggest assets, and that becomes more important in such times,” said Madhu Srivastava, group chief human resource officer at diversified miner Vedanta where managers conduct regular online team huddles. The company also offers psychological counselling helplines to people facing anxiety and stress-related problems.
Boeing shuts down facilities in South Carolina, halting production of commercial airplanes. Boeing said it will temporarily shut down production at its 787 facilities in South Carolina after the governor issued a stay-at-home order to stop the spread of coronavirus throughout the state. The South Carolina operation is one of two sites that make Boeing’s Dreamliner jets. This follows a previous announcement by the company that it will indefinitely extend a shutdown of commercial airplane factories in the Seattle area, which is home to the bulk of its workforce.
Boeing said that staff who cannot work remotely will be paid for 10 days of work and can also file for unemployment benefits and use paid time off during this time. Additionally, the company said that employee benefits will continue “as normal” during this interruption in manufacturing.  The virus has already infected about 100 Boeing employees, according to a company spokesperson. Spirit extends suspension of work on Boeing programs
Following Boeing’s announcement to indefinitely suspend production at its sites in Washington, Spirit Aero Systems will also extend its suspension of work on Boeing commercial programs at Tulsa and McAlester, Oklahoma; San Antonio, Texas; and Wichita, Kansas. To address the financial challenges presented by Boeing’s continued suspension, Spirit is implementing temporary workforce furloughs at these sites. All U.S-based executives and Spirit’s board of directors will take a 20% reduction in pay until further notice.
American Airlines plans to apply for coronavirus aid, offers partial pay for employee leave. American Airlines on Monday said it will apply for government aid to soften the blow from a record drop in travel demand. The carrier is also offering partial pay to entice workers off its payroll. The Fort Worth, Texas-based airline said it expects about $12 billion of the $50 billion set aside for airlines in a sweeping coronavirus relief bill Congress passed last week. The aid includes $25 billion in grants for passenger airlines in exchange for not furloughing or cutting the pay rates of their employees through Sept. 30. The other half is in loans.
American is also making voluntary leaves of absence and early retirements partially paid, an attempt to get more workers to sign up. American and other carriers had been offering voluntary unpaid leave to try to lower costs. Mainline American employees, except for pilots, could receive 25% of their pay for leaves of up to 12 months. They would continue to receive medical benefits. Employees who have been with American for 10 years can receive half of their pay for 12 months. American Airlines extends voluntary unpaid leave options.
American Airlines is offering most of its union workers unpaid, voluntary leave for up to a year as COVID-19 coronavirus saps demand. Unpaid leave will allow employees to continue to receive medical and other health benefits as long as they pay at the same rate as other employees. It also allows employees to accrue seniority but not vacation or sick leave. Reservations agents are not being offered unpaid leave “because their workload is already so high,” the company said. The airline is also offering retirement packages to people who have been with the company 15 years or more.
In times like these when there is widespread confusion and panic, you’re likely to see people err on the side of safety and self-interest. When customers, employees, and suppliers become too cautious, all businesses will face pressure to meet numbers causing a temptation to be opportunistic. Increasing prices of essentials that are in demand, delaying payments to suppliers, culling workforce are some of the many such short-term measures that may partially relieve the pressure on your business (and some of them may be essential), but they will certainly cause significant damage to your long-term reputation. To quote the famous saying: “people don’t remember what you say but they remember how you made them feel “. Given the difficult situation everyone is going through; you can be sure that people will continue remembering how you treat them now.

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