Saturday 11 April 2020


According to research good sleepers often described their dreams as being quite pleasant and joyful. However on the other side , people who suffer from insomnia tend to have lesser positive emotions. But there is still controversy on whether a person sleeps better or not irrespective of the type of dream 

Research says dreaming may improve our memory . It boosts creativity and helps us plan for our future in an organised manner .
Here are some ways of dreaming creatively -

1) Learn/read something productive just before going to bed .

2) Carry a small notebook . Pen down all the good ideas . Memory is a weak slave when it comes to nurturing new ideas .

3) Concentrate on what other people are saying .

Listening helps you to penetrate knowledge into your mind . Evaluate it . This is how our mind collects food .

4) Ask yourself questions- this triggers the brain and helps to think of challenging problems , thus boost us in the right direction.

5) Encourage lucid dreaming. This state takes practice and train your brain to recognise when you are dreaming. 

Waking up in the middle of the night remembering the dream and then again going back to sleep -  this helps you to enter a lucid dream state.

Sohini Sengupta MBA (Mktg)
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