Saturday 11 April 2020


Prachi Mathur  Social Media Manager  AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd

Open your wings and create new horizons until you reach your goal point. But the question is how do I define my goal point? Do I need to fit my goals in some criteria or filters that define me physically, socially or financially? 
The answer is NO.
The universe has always proved in every era that think big and break all constraints to reach new heights. The sky is your only limit. Thinking of bigger goals for yourself and dreaming to set much higher benchmarks can only drive you up on the ladder of success. All great personalities like Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Barack Obama, Mahatma Gandhi and many more have engraved the world with proofs of achieving the unachievable. 
If scientists like Thomas Edison wouldn’t have thought big and dreamt bigger of enlightening the world, we would have still been wandering on dark streets.
The greatest weapon to win any war is your mind. A positive mindset is the key to convert difficult and seemingly impossible situations into your favor. With your ideas and passion for your dreams you can leverage your capabilities and resources to ignite the fire of success.
Dreaming Big has to be supported by planning a line of action and setting the milestones. The achievements by concurring these milestones assure you of your progress in the right direction. Monitoring each step and never giving up form the most important ingredients of this recipe. Set precise targets to measure. These steps can be achieved by using tools like To-Do-lists and setting timelines. If one idea fails, improvise and alter the idea and never the target.
If you start visualizing the horizon you have set, you will observe the abundance available to you. The threats and weaknesses will begin indicating the hidden strengths and opportunities in them. Things will really start changing for you and the world will begin to fall for the idea you nurtured. The universe works on a simple principle of THINK, DREAM and BELIEVE. It has the power to alter the destined paths if graced with due power and courage to implement it.

Last but not the least, replace your “I doubt” with “I doubt” and believe in the power of thinking big and make it worth.

Prachi Mathur  MBA [IIM] 
Social Media Manager
AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd

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