Thursday 23 April 2020

The Biggest Challenge for Aviation Industry After CoVid19

As the lockdown has been lifted and every individual is back to their routine, things have started to get back to normal but that does not mean that the things are falling in the right place. The aviation sector was hugely affected by this outbreak. The main challenge now is to stabilize this sector. There have been incidents where due to mismanagement passengers have missed their flights due to long queues and are reporting that their luggage has been lost. The rate of lost luggage being reported has increased by 15%. To face these challenges it is very important to take the following steps-
1.     To check whether the demand = capacity
Here we will analyze if the demand of the airport is being facilitated by the capacity of the airport. If the passenger demand is more, then the area is big enough to support all those passenger or not. If more number of airlines are willing to come to an airport then it is important for the airport to manage the time slots and allotment should be made accordingly to manage the air traffic. Then if the demand of ground handling increases then the airport authorities need to make sure if the airport is well equipped with ground handling equipment to facilitate a smooth movement.  These parameters should be taken care of.
2.     To check the airport capacity
In order to check the capacity of an airport there are certain areas that need to be checked. The working of these areas tell us about the capacity of that airport. 

Some parameters are
·        Terminal Building capacity- It tells us about the number of check in counters of an airport, baggage belts, area available for movement of passengers, number of retail shops and the number of ATM an airport has. All these aspects tell us about the capacity an airport’s terminal building can handle
·        Gates capacity - It tells us the number of gates located in the building to facilitate the passenger movement.
·         Apron capacity – It tells us how smoothly the movement of aircrafts can take place.
·        Taxiway capacity- It tells us how well the connectivity between the runways exist.  
·        Runway capacity- It tells us about how operational our runway is.
·        Environment capacity- It tells us how well the airport authorities manage the noise and air pollution and what measures they take to contribute to the environment.
In case where the passengers are losing their bags, there can be more number of baggage belts operational to avoid the confusion. Also more number of belts can be allotted in the departure area to avoid the confusion while building a pallet and less number of belts can be placed at the arrival area. Same belts could be allotted for two different flights arriving at the same time. The other problem of long queues could also be resolved by allotting more number of gates and better slot management for the airlines. Also better ground handling equipment could be used for smooth movement.   

Due to the pandemic currently the aviation industry has been hit hard. The biggest challenge the aviation industry face are-
·        Parking expenses
·        Cancellation of flights
·        Providing support to different nations by supplying basic amenities through freighter.
·        Loss of Demand
·        Recession

Aviation sector is hit by the above mentioned sticks. In order to save the aviation sector from hitting its lowest we can take few measure. Once all this is over we get back to the normal state and chose airways to travel just like before in order to stabilize the industry. The airlines are providing the facility of shifting their tickets to any day before 31st December 2020. Aviation industry is playing a major role in providing different nations with basic amenities and medical kits. There has been huge decline in the demand for passenger flights because of the lockdown imposed all around the globe. Due to which many companies are facing huge losses and may even go bankrupt if this continues for a long time. Already huge companies are under a lot of bank loans due to which the state of recession hit this industry. This surely is a temporary state as the demand will increase, more number of employees will be needed to handle the increased demand.

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