Thursday 14 May 2020

5 Things that I like most about AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd Internship

There are many things that I learnt from this internship and for that I will like to thank Captain Shekhar for supporting and guiding through out the journey. If asked, below are the five things that I really like here

1. Diversity in Aircrews Aviation Pvt Ltd team of interns: This
is the first thing that I like the most about the internship. We all are here from different areas of country but still working for one company. I am blessed to work with such talented bunch. 

2. Exposure: Second thing that I will like to mention is exposure, we are getting a lot practical exposure. 

3. Increase in knowledge: As we are learning a lot here, my knowledge has been increased immensely. I have learnt many things about aviation and HR principles that are applied over there. 

4. Interesting worksheets: The tasks that we get are very interesting and relevant to our domain. We never get bored doing that. 

5. Confidence: As told earlier, I have learnt a lot; my confidence has also increased. It has contributed to my leadership skills and the confidence, in nutshell this internship has improved my personality. 

In the end, if asked to sum up my experience in internship I would say 
It always seems impossible until it is done

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