Thursday 14 May 2020

5 things which that you liked in this internship so far

5 things which that you liked in this internship so far?
This internship has improved my skills a ton, both off paper and on paper. All it was a new phase for me but I had to give it short that I am worth of it or not. Also, it was first time to work with a company it was great experience, with lovely people who taught me many things which I wasn’t capable but they push me from my limits.
1. This lockdown as set some sort of daily routine in my life where at some point this was not there in my life before. I was busy with my college stuff rather than it was was just normal lazy day for me.
2. This internship as improve my writing skills till know, where at back days I was horrible in this.
3. As an intern in content writing we have to search on topic an write it down by own words but in other side it helps me to search the variable things. In which I wasn’t aware of and that makes me more knowledgeable and intelligent on the specific topic.
4. This opportunity of work from home as bring in myself a new tone in       my writing skills.
5. Due to this I have gain my confidence in me little bit but as in back        days you can say I was not that confident working with a company with lots of people.

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