Monday 18 May 2020

An ideal candidate for a Business school?

How to select an ideal candidate for a Business school

What is a Business School?

Business schools are educational institutes that specialize in teaching courses or programs related to Management or Business. Such schools are known as School of Management, School of Business Administration, B School or Biz School.
What is the criteria of a Business School?
Graduating from a top-ranking business school can enhance the value of your degree and also improve your chances of landing a high-paying job. In-order to get the privilege of studying in such top-ranking institute, you require to work a little harder and go through a difficult process.
Here are some tips for you to get in your dream institute.

1. Register and apply for the Entrance exam.
The first step of getting into a B-school is clearing the entrance exam. Every institute will have different requirements. You need to check what your desired institute requires, whether its CAT, MAT CMAT, XAT, SNAP, IIFT or TISS. These are the top seven entrance exams. Not every entrance exam syllabus are the same but most of them share some common topics. Alongside, you might as well need to check the cut-off marks required by the institute your planning to apply.
This is very crucial. You should know how much you need to score to fit in the eligibility criteria set by you institute.
CAT is considered to be the most difficult of all. Most top-ranking institutes require CAT while MAT is accepted by almost all the institutes.
2. Appear for your Entrance exam.
Once you have decided which entrance exam you wish to appear, its time for you to register and submit the application before the last date. It is very important for you to know when will your entrance exam will be conducted. You admission highly depends on your entrance exam scores.
3. Shortlisting
After clearing your entrance exam, you need to decide which institute you wish to apply. Most institutes require 85% or 90% and above. If you have scored on the higher side than, you are lucky enough to have many options to choose your desired institute.
Once you have selected the institute, you will have to fill the admission form online.
4. Final selection round
If the institute has short-listed, you will receive an email from them. There are further rounds conducted by the institute and depending upon that score, you will be selected.
1. Online Written Test
2. General Knowledge Test
3. Audio Test
4. Micro Presentation or Extempore
5. Online Group Discussion
6. Face-Face Skype / WhatsApp Interview

Every institute will have different eligibility test. Getting into Tier 1 institutes might be a little difficult than getting into Tier 2 and Tier 3 institutes. However, a little struggle initially will certainly make way for many new opportunities in your life.
Who is the ideal candidate for a B-school?
There is no perfect answer to this question however, most business school look for the willingness to learn and the commitment towards investing two years of their lives learning what they wish to learn.
One needs to have a Positive Attitude towards learning and also needs to have an Open Mindset to Explore the Different ways of Learning.

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