Tuesday 12 May 2020

Maintenance Day by Shruti Kaondal MBA Manager HR AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd

Maintenance Day
Warm up is a must before a sport or gym routine, similarly there should be a certain level of mental preparation that one must undergo. When we don’t maintain our systems, our computer crashes down so for that we maintain it and humans also need such maintenance time to time. It is a more systematic way to maintain our life, business, and the people and objects around us. 1 maintenance day is equal to 6 days of a more productivity.
A Maintenance Day is a day where we do all of our chores and other tasks that are repetitive and has a low yielding result in terms of productivity towards our day.
Maintenance day helps in:
Reducing the chance of procrastination- forms a chain of actions around the tasks to finish all of them at once than to do them independently.
Grouping the boring work which makes it easier- Whenever we have to do a bunch of boring or menial tasks, it is inevitably easier to do them all at once.
Clearing out mental clutter- It gives us a chance to clean and maintain our self and our environment which leads to enhanced mental clarity and productivity for the rest of the week.
Plan for the week ahead- It’s a great opportunity to plan out our week in advance. Check on our calendar to see what’s in store for the week.

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