Wednesday 13 May 2020

Smart Work or Hard Work

Smart Work or Hard Work
Effort is important, but knowing where to make an effort makes all the difference.
Once in a factory a machine stopped working, the technicians opened the machine and tried to fix it but couldn’t, they read the manual and the books related but still couldn’t understand how to fix or what was the problem. So, a man from the team told his supervisor that he knew someone who could fix it as he had a reputation of such.

Supervisor told him to make the man hurry up to the location. As soon as the man entered, the team started doubting if he could really fix it as he was quite old. The man started scanning the machine first. The old man took a hammer and tapped on the machine on a particular part.

Within 15 to 20 mins the machine started.
After 2 to 3 days the old man sent a bill of rupees 10,000. The supervisor called him and asked why was the bill so much as all the man used was a hammer. The man replied the bill wasn’t for using the tools but for making a big machine work within few minutes or else it could have cost the company way more than mere 10,000.
For the old man to work smartly he had to first work hard on gaining that much knowledge.

The difference between smart work and hard work is:
Sr. no.
Smart work
Hard work
Done by more use of brain and techniques but less physical efforts
Done by physical efforts and less use of brain
The task is carried out by planning less physical stress
There is no effective planning for carrying out aa task
Takes less time to reach a goal
Takes more time to reach a goal
Smart work is backed by lots of knowledge
Hard work may not be backed by lot of knowledge
Smart work may fail sometimes
Hard work does not fail much

Smart workers are:
Deep thinkers
Risk takers

Hard workers are:
Leaders / Initiators
Detail oriented

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