Wednesday 13 May 2020

Smart Worker Vs Harder Worker

So, most of the time I have seen people debating in many places – “Does Smart Worker leads to Success or Hard Worker leads to Success?” It’s been a question to me all the while so this is a right topic that needs an insight because people get confused on their approach in performing tasks.
Smart Worker helps a person complete a task efficiently – more work in less hours with less resources and reduced efforts. Smart work helps us to perform a task in a right way. To reach Success, one should know how to perform a task smartly. Hard Worker is also important to complete a task and also, helps a person to complete a task successfully – but time consumption will be more and there is no assurance. if the task can be completed with less resources. The person who does hard work has to put a lot of efforts to complete a task. Hard worker helps us to perform a task in such a way that results are noticeable
In short, with Hard Work we can complete a task successfully; but in order to gain fame among people and get recognition Smart Work matters a lot. Smart Workers prioritize their tasks, complete the most important ones first and the rest later. This makes their job easy since they can act towards a solution depending on the priority. Smart Work understand the time consume even before performing the task. With a plan on what needs to be done, Smart Workers reach the success pole soon. In a sense, working hard in a smart way will lead to success in any task assigned to us.
Working towards success needs a lot of planning before executing. Deciding on the right way to perform a task is inevitable. Smart Workers are people who use the right strategy to reach the end point easily. Hard workers are people who get noticed by everyone. In reality, both Smart Workers and Hard Workers are important to gain popularity in any field. Any person who has proven to be smart would have started his or her career / performed in examinations because of Hard work in the beginning. Hard Worker, in fact, gives people more sense of curiosity to taste victory.
So, be it school, college or job we should learn how to complete a task in less time with less resources and at the same time reach end point without flaws. We should continually improve our Interpersonal Skills, Communication Skills, Time Management Skills and many more skills to apply our Smart Work and Hard Work in the right places in the right way at the right time. So, I can say that both Smart Worker and Hard Worker are important to reach success in life.
How to stay positive
Always motivate and don’t give up on yourself be positive, don’t be harsh on yourself & appreciate yourself by saying “I AM THE BEST”. Be with good sort of energy and cut out negative people from your life. Make your day best by being happy that can bring smile on your face   and that can keep others happy around you. Don’t be panic in bad or worst situation just be calm, the solution will be there itself, when you try to overcome through it just say “ITS OKAY” half of the situation you win there by being positive throughout. When you feel low just do work or activity in which you are good, that can distract you from all negativity that make you feel lighter and brighten. Make others laugh on you which tends of positive vibe around them and gets smile on each face which makes your day.  Always helps others without any intentions that can bring ray of hope in lives, that at least in a day I did some worth of work without being selfish to me and helps others. This are few things which can helpful to be positive in daily life.

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