Saturday 9 May 2020

Think Outside the Box: Pilots Edition

Think Outside the Box: Pilots Edition
Wright Brothers:
What’s more outside the box than the idea of airplanes? The Wright Brothers thought outside the box of a theory of
building another form of transportation “Flying” which seemed impossible, bizarre. The people then questioned-Human Beings can’t fly won’t fly ever but Orville and Wilbur started building flying machines right in there bicycle shop. It wasn’t an immediate success for them; they started with gliders which often crashed but the success finally came by designing a bi-plane with an ultra light engine. They solved the problem of Aerial Navigation by their unconventional thinking and on December 17, 1903 the Wright Brothers had invented the first successful aircraft.
Amelia Mary Earhart:
Amelia Earhart the inspiration of many young women started with the astonishing idea of a women flying. She was a woman who breaks through all the barriers and was determined to achieve her dreams of being the first women aviator. Her interests in airplanes arose while watching a pilot putting demonstration of his skills. After the encounter with the airplane she went on buying the first airplane after 6 months of enrolling in a flying school. After that Earhart went on achieving records, that same year she set the women altitude record by reaching 14000 feet. She later became the first woman to fly over the Atlantic with a co-pilot. 1928 Earhart became the first women to fly solo across the north continent and back. In 1931 she set and altitude record of 14415 feet. In May 20, 1932 Earhart achieved the greatest success of her life by being the first women to fly solo over the Atlantic. Her ideas were out of the box but those ideas made her the queen of the air.
Bessie Coleman:
Bessie Coleman got the unconventional idea of working
beside a white male dominated industry in the era where no one was ready to accept an African-American in the field of aviation. A young woman who never stopped when she had to drop out of the college due to financial instability, she did not give up when she had to move to another city working as a manicurist, she did not give up at the summer of 1999 when Chicago experienced the worst race riots in history and she did not give up when no flying school was ready to take her due to her gender and the color of the skin. A young woman never took no for an answer faced all the hardships and turned the face of aviation in the world. Bessie Coleman was a leader who introduced aviation to her race. Bessie Coleman broke through all the walls of stereotype and was recognized as the Hero of Early Aviation.
Wiley Post-
Wiley Post an aviation pioneer was the first man to fly around the world alone; he’s the father of modern aviation. Wiley Post was a man who always thought outside the box and seeks to achieve the impossible. Early in his carrier Wiley lost the sight of his left eye, for most pilots it is the end of their dreams but not for him. In July 22, 1933 Wiley Post set out to achieve his outlandish dream of flying around the world and became the first to accomplish the feat alone in the Winnie Mae in seven days, 18 hours and 49 minutes.

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