Sunday 13 December 2020

Cheers To friendship Zindagi Matlab kya.?

 Plz read slowly Pura Read karna. it’s a very Nice one...

Zindagi Matlab kya.?

"Ek dhundli si shaam, 4  dost. 4 glass , ek bottle ."


Zindagi...mtlb kya..?

"1 innova car, 7 dost, aur 1 khula lamba pahadi Raasta"

Zindagi...mtlb kya.?

"1 dost ka ghar, Halki si Baarish, aur dher saari baatein..

Zindagi...mtlb kya..?

"school ke dost, Bunk Kiya hua Lecture, 1 kachori, 2 samose aur bill par hone wala jhagda...

Zindagi...mtlb kya...?

"Phone uthate hi pdhne wali dost ki mithi se gaali, aur Sorry kehne

par 1 aur gaali"

Zindagi...mtlb kya..?

"Kuch saalon baad, Aachanak purane dost ka 1 sms, Dhundli padi

kuch bhigi yadein aur Ankho me aaye aansu.

“We make many friends,

Some become Dearest,

Some become Special,

Some We Fall in Love with,

Some go Abroad,

Some change cities,

Some Leave us

We Leave some,

Some are in contact,

Some are not in contact

& Some don't contact

because of their ego,

We don't contact some

because of our ego,

Wherever they are,

However they are,

We still remember,

Love, Miss & Care

about them because of the part they played, in our life.”

“No matter how often you talk or how close you are this is for old friends to know they haven't been forgotten & tell new friends they will never be forgotten” 

Cheers To friendship


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  2. Hi
    I want to contact the writter of this poem Zindagi Matlab Kya? How do i reach the writter of this poem? Could you please provide a contact no.