Monday 1 July 2019

Abhinav Ojha

Abhinav as meaning suggests is always new and he is always passionate about his work and for learning new things and technologies.Abhinav has completed his primary schooling from from St.xaviers school,sahibganj,Jharkhand,india and secondary schooling from DPS bokaro,india.Currently Abhinav is an engineering student of Btech 3rd year.He lives in Kolkata,India.

Abhinav is just 19 years of old and he is a passionate blogger,a writer,a poet, a app developer and web developer.He learnt this skills only because he is passionate to learn them.Abhinav used to install operating systems,solve computer related hardware problems of his neighbours at the age of 7 to 8.
Abhinav has been blogger since 2017 and he is also been a seo expert. Abhinav has written two books available on amazon,the one is  starting a profitable blog with 0 investment and the other ebook is beginners guide to cyber security. Abhinav has developed around 20 websites till now and more than 5 blogs and he is also a developer of more than 10 android apps out of which 5 are available on google play store. Abhinav has secured first prize and won a tech fest competition in west Bengal india where more than 20-25 engineering colleges participated for developing an unique ecommerce android app which he named as grabdeals.Currently Abhinav is co ordinator of his engineering college.
When free Abhinav loves to have a cup of coffee or a tea.
He always says, follow your passion.dreams do come true.

Name- Abhinav Ojha
Whats App - +91 9199643220

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