Sunday 4 August 2019

When your Interns do not work properly in Summer Internship Program

When your Interns do not work properly in Summer Internship Program and Demand a  Certificate How HR should Act and React?

HR should ask them what is your problem? are you doesn’t understand the work? Are you doesn’t understand our instructions?

                   HR should not be angry with interns, listen and understand their problems calmly and then say please tell us your problem we will definitely help you to sought out your work and trained you accordingly.

                           Still the interns do not work properly so the HR will help to intern for their work. After the all kind of help to the intern, if he/she will not be do his/ her work properly so that HR will not give the certificate to the intern.


·      Interns do not understand the work.
·      Hesitant to ask questions.
·      Issues with time management.
·      Supervisor gives a project, but the directions don’t properly.
·     The interns that want to learn are not taught to them.

Not Reading Worksheet

                       When the interns don’t read worksheet daily then the HR should be asking them why are you did not read the worksheet daily and are you not interested to do work?
                                 Please read the worksheet daily and complete the work.

Not Reporting Daily

When the intern doesn’t report daily so the HR must be asked to him/her about their work that work is completed or not? If the work is not complete so tell them complete this as soon as possible and report that.

Yashashree Bhorkar (MBA)
Aviation HR Intern

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